Dominating Submissions

Dominating Submissions
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Two books I ordered off the back of the Edinburgh Book Festival and reviews from RobAroundBooks, have arrived in the post. The Secret Lives of People In Love and Love Begins in Winter, both short story collections by Simon van Booy, are now in my gleeful possession and have been shoved to the top of my reading list. Unfair to the others, perhaps, but after hearing Simon read in August (along with Kevin Barry whose book is also under order), I feel compelled.

I got my entry off to this year’s New Writing Scotland anthology yesterday. I sent them the piece that so narrowly escaped the jaws of the Story Shop programme at this year’s book festival: A POINT OF VIEW. I also sent off my entry to Fleeting Magazine’s short story contest: THE ENGLISH TEACHER and a poem to a possible anthology that I was asked to contribute to. It’s still in publisher contract negotiations so I won’t say much more until that’s all tied down. All I’ll say is that it’s for a very worthy cause.

I made a few other magazine submissions in order to turn around some work I had returned, and I have a coupe of deadlines between tomorrow and this weekend, so I need to get cracking if I am to meet the rest. It was a good night’s work, though, especially when you thrown in the writing of a new poem AND a new flash fiction story.

Is there anything worse than this?

My photography client’s website came back up after I made contact with the provider. Their service is fantastic. The payment for the domain had gone through but the site had not re-registered, so I clicked on their Instant Message button and “spoke” to a representative who activated the account there and then. Top notch. As far as the site goes, I have a few updates and changes to make to the site over the next couple of days.

The month is almost over and it’s time to start looking back over the first month of my writing calendar. I’ll post my GDR Review later and GDR Plan for October tomorrow. I’ve had a good month, though: published, acceptances, interviews, manuscript work, reading… everything seems to be going well.

Book Offers
I’m going to create a banner for these offers

The Oktoberfest sale has been extended so you can save 10% on all my poetry books at by quoting code CHEERS305 at checkout. Offer ends 3rd October.

Also, if you want a copy of STELLA, my spy novella with a twist, you can get 25% when you order the e-book from the publisher’s website at Simply quote 612JMZN67VZX at checkout, which is valid until July 2011!
Until tomorrow, peeps!

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1 Response to Dominating Submissions

  1. Rob says:

    Great to hear that the Barry and Van Booy boks have arrived Colin. I’m desperate to know what you think of them.

    And great to hear that you are getting more of your work published. You’re a busy bee!

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