The Problem With Pop Stars Today

The Problem With Pop Stars Today
Image: BBC/Spindrift

Pop stars, regardless of how little talent they actually have, still think they are so far above the law they can do what they like. Case in point at Glasgow Sheriff Court the other day, when 25-year-old Aaron Fagan, the ex-“drummer” for N-Dubz, was given six months probation and placed on the sex offenders register for sexually assaulting two female fans at a gig in Glasgow last year.

The “band” had been performing at the John Street union after the Mobo awards. Afterwards, Fagan approached his victims and asked if they wanted to go to an after-party, before leading them up a stairway and groping them. Fagan was reported and arrested.

In his defence, Fagan said through his lawyer (and this is a quote): “he is like honey to a swarm of bees” to his fans and that “he would not have suddenly done something like this in Glasgow, which is hardly a haven for models.” Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear, what a silly little arse. Good luck the next time you ever go to Glasgow, chum. Make sure take some good friends along when you do.

Personally, I was gutted to hear that after he had been sacked from the band following his conviction, and that he had been reduced to claiming state benefits after previously earning £3k per week. Such a shame. I guess he thought he was more talented and worth something of value than he really was. Not only has he found himself on the sex offender’s register because he is so damn cool and hip, but the talentless skin whacker can’t get into even an amateur skiffle band because he is so, well, crap at drumming.

I can’t stand these self-righteous, egotistical, thick arseholes.


I spent my lunch hour reading through all my character outlines for those I will need to be involved in my NaNoWriMo novel. I don’t have a title yet to replace the original working one – I want something better than A FRIEND TO DIE FOR – but I can feel a strong desire to get back into the story and start writing it afresh.

Before that, though, I have to finish GREENER IS THE GRASS and then work through the first re-write of BACCARA BURNING, all by the end of the month. What with the Muse Online Conference starting on Sunday, it’s going to be an intense month.

My evening was split into two: first half technical work for my photography client; second half working on the final draft of GREENER.

After weeks of trying to get my client sorted out with a new high-spec PC (check) with Adobe Photoshop CS4 running smoothly on it (uncheck) I finally gave in and bought the latest version of the application: CS5 64-bit enabled. It installed relatively easy and it runs like a dream, and once I’d finished, the floodgates opened. She has a bit of a backlog of work caused by the absence of proper running software but now there are no excuses. I’ll probably not see her for a while.

Working through the GREENER manuscript adapting all my red pen marks into the final version takes time. One has to decipher what I meant by my original scrawling then apply it to the manuscript, reading and re-reading as I go to make sure it reads smoothly and with the desired effect. I’m taking it chapter by chapter, the first one having to be split into two as it was just far too long and loses its impact through sheer length.

Roll on the weekend. This has been a hell of a week so far.

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Until tomorrow, ciao!

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