Get Your Triposo Edinburgh Travel Guide Today

Get Your Triposo Edinburgh Travel Guide Today
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I forgot to mention I received a citation for jury duty in November. I knew I’d be up for it at some point this year and was hoping to get a call to the High Court, but it wasn’t to be. The Sheriff Court in Edinburgh will be my place of deliberation, if I’m picked, on November 1st. With regards to my crime writing, it should prove to be a fascinating process of learning.

A fellow Twitterer from Leith informed me about an Android App that has me in it!! @leithing sent me a Tweet to advise that the Triposo Edinburgh Travel Guide has a section called ‘Sights’, which if you go into has a sub-section called ‘ Leith’ and then ‘Famous People’. Inside that, you’ll find I’m listed! I’ve no idea what it says about me, if anything, but since I don’t have an Android I can’t see it. Awesome free publicity, though, that’s for sure!

I’ve got a couple of links here if you want to download this FREE app and check it out at Official Triposo Website or Androilib Website.

After an awesome plate of chilli con carne for my dinner (not as good as my sister’s, I grant you) I spent my evening ploughing through the manuscript for GREENER. Slowly, ever so slowly, I’m getting there. My motivation isn’t dropping, which is something I’ve experienced in the past during re-writes. I should thank my lucky stars.

I was thinking about what that might be and I think I can pin-point the turning point in how I look at re-writes and my change in approach. It seems to have all come down to when I read ON WRITING by Stephen King. That book changed the way I view re-writing my work, to the extent that I seem to be getting more out of the whole process. I’m certainly enjoying it much more than I used to; a door unlocked with a magic key, I suspect.

On my way home last night I walked past Catherine Lockerbie in the street, just outside Clark’s Bar. I said hello but she never heard me—she looked in pain. Catherine was the woman who made the Edinburgh Book Festival what it is today and I would have liked to say, above all else, thanks. But I didn’t want to interrupt her; my heart went out to her instead.

Before I go, here’s an awesome Friday Vid for you this week. There’s a bloke in my work who plays the Ukulele (FC Ukulele) but he’ll never be as good as this wee guy! Well, almost…

Until tomorrow, ciao!

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