Out Of Sorts

Out Of Sorts
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I’m struggling to sleep, work has gone berserk, and I feel like a zombie. Other than that life is spiffing.

Yesterday’s shift at the day job was always going to be a long one and so it proved. It was intense but it was the kind of intensity one gets a real buzz from; having to think on the go, collaborate and make decisions; it makes the dull side of working in an office exciting enough that it becomes a bit of a drug. Of course, you need technology to stop working for that to happen, which in turn leads to the stress, but hey-ho, that’s the way it goes.

To add to my woes, I found out last night I’m unable to take part in the Muse Online Conference in the way I thought. When I finally made it onto the boards to get into my workshops, I discovered I required another password. I contacted the admin people to be told that because 100 people had registered for the workshop, only 30 were allowed to take part. Nice of them to tell me I wasn’t included!! I’ve been building up to it for weeks and really looking forward to it, so maybe their terminology should be addressed as well as bottom-line communication. Instead of “registered” it should be “applied for”. Then at least let me know I wasn’t one of the lucky 30.

I do have access to one of the workshops I registered, but by the time I got in it was almost midnight; I’d worked a 13-hour stressful day, not to mention the hours spent in the evening trying to sort out my access, so I gave up. I’ll just have to catch up later today. And trust me, I will. The only silver lining is the fact that the workshop I never got into was one I’ve already done.

To complete the madness, I’ve been having a recurring dream and it’s interfering with my sleep pattern. I’m standing at the top of Big Ben, inside the bit that houses the bell. My wife hands me our new born baby girl and just as she does, a gust of wind blows us off the edge. I manage to catch my chin against the ledge to keep us from falling to our doom. So I’m hanging there; baby under one arm, wife under the other. Either we all fall or I let one go to save me and one other. Panicked, I wake up and never find out what happened. Don’t know if I want to know what happens either given the predicament.

Bloody dreams! There’s nothing quite like seeing 3am pass on the clock and knowing you have to get up in under 3hrs for another 9-hour minimum working day.

I am feeling well out of sorts.

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3 Responses to Out Of Sorts

  1. Diane says:

    All go together – and start to fly to safety (let’s face it, holding on with just your chin is quite fanciful, so why not fly?). Or look down and realise there’s a maintenance platform there. Or do like LOTR and find a giant eagle coming to rescue you.

  2. Sorry you’re not on both, but I think you’ll enjoy the Story Building, because it’s a very different way of working.

    Hopefully, they’ll smooth out the whole registration/response thing for next year. I blogged that there was limited enrollment, but didn’t realize they weren’t telling people once the class filled up. I’ll talk to them about it for next year.

  3. Diane – Hopefully I’ll not have to fly away and the dream will stop, but I like the idea 🙂

    Devon – I registered within 24 hours of receiving the info from the organisers so I was assuming it was first come first served. Oh well :-/

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