Ploughing Forward

Ploughing Forward
Image: Dwight Sipler

If I said to you the words “Bunny Chow” and “Durban Curry” would anyone know what I mean? I wouldn’t have until yesterday afternoon, when I discovered that Bunny Chow and Durban Curry is actually a food; a deliciously exciting way to eat curry, no less.

It’s basically curry in a loaf of bread and the recipe is here. Check it out, it looks awesome, and have a read of the background to it on the right of the page it’s very interesting.

It makes me hungry just looking at it and it comes in the same week that an Indian bloke has launched a new curry pie on the market. Curry in an ashet pie base (pastry)—what an awesome yet simple idea that only us Scots would find so delightful. It’s our national dish, you know.

I finally caught up with my Muse Conference workshops last night, reading through the briefing notes a few times, writing out my ideas and finally subbing the first two assignments to the workshop board. It has seen the creation of three new characters, the blend of which is quite interesting as it comes in the midst of a tense scene with criminal potential written all over it. And although I know where I am with what I’ve written so far, it’s exciting not knowing quite where Devon will take us next. From experience, that could be just about anywhere!

I’ve managed to get through all my list of competitions and new markets I wanted to submit to over the past couple of months, which is a good thing to have happened now that the Muse workshop is underway and I’m having such an intense week at the day job. I can’t afford to get tired until the weekend; got to keep pumping out the words somehow but it’s all good practice for NaNoWriMo next month.

I didn’t get the sleep I was hoping for last night. I’m going to hit the sack at 9 o’clock tonight and see if that does the trick. I think I got about four and a half hours.

Today: the 3rd workshop assignment, need to try and move forward with GREENER revisions.

Ciao for now!

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  1. I like to shake things up!

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