Party Time

Party Time
Image: John Haslam

Woke up feeling pretty dire this morning, but within seconds of scanning my overnight email all that changed. There was one email in my inbox that contained the most brilliant news, my happiness dial went from zero to max and nearly bust out its casing. It’s not for me to reveal what the news is, but to whom it concerns, I am absolutely totally and utterly thrilled for you.

Last night, I wrote and posted my fourth assignment for the Story Building workshop I’m doing at the Muse Conference, the final scene. We had been asked to jump forward and worry about making the link from the latest scene to the final one later. And boy did I take a leap! I thought, what’s the most dramatic and exciting way I can end the story without caring how I get there? And out it came. Only after writing it was I able to determine the filling that will guide how the story ends. Malky and DJ—the two central characters—what a pair they’ve turned out to be.

And that’s where I stopped for the evening. It had been another long day at work; tiring, stressful, but very rewarding. We got some shitty news through about the future of the company but it was to be expected and to be honest I’m not going to worry. I’ll embrace it for what it is. It’s either that or I’ll end up back at square one when I worked in my last department: depressed, de-motivated, un-engaged (that’s a favourite buzz word around here) and actively seeking to get out.

It’s Friday, of course, and tonight I’ve got a celebration for a woman who’s just turned 60 years young. My first choice for this evening would have been to spend the night in and get some much needed rest, but it’s for a friend’s mother so I really have to go. I’ll have a couple of pints but I can’t see it being a late one for me. I’ll probably be falling asleep at the bar.

Here’s my Friday video. It’ll probably appeal most to any computer geeks that read this, or to fans of Jean Michel Jarre: a musical tune played entirely by the operating system sounds of Windows 98.

Ciao for now!

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1 Response to Party Time

  1. Thanks for sharing my joy!

    And your scene rocks, by the way!

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