October Work Review

Monthly GDR Review

* Polish and complete GREENER IS THE GRASS – done
* Send GREENER IS THE GRASS out to Trusted Readers – done; 1/3 back
* Complete 2nd draft rewrite of BACCARA BURNING – IP; now on hold until after NaNoWriMo
* Work out main plot points of NaNoWriMo novel – done; ready to rock!
* Keep on top of fiction submissions – done
* Submit to all selected fiction competitions this month – done
* Muse Online Writers’ Conference: Story Building Workshop – done

* Submit to all selected poetry competitions this month – there were none

* Put together RR issue 13 for December – almost done; editorial and cover work remaining

* Make site updates from photography client – several galleries uploaded, links updated, fixes
* Keep all my websites updated and relevant- done; new short story added, news, dates, fixes
* Two gigs lined up for review – FLC done; Charlatans pending

Reading & Learning
* SCAREDY CAT by Mark Billingham – IP
* ONE GOOD TURN by Kate Atkinson – IP

* Setup Podcasting technology (need small mic for OB) – done
* Use Podcasting ideas to publish first one – not done

Things That Turned Up
* Officially invited to be a guest author at the Sharjah International Book Fair
* Did AudioBoo promo for Janey Godley’s Podcast (new market exposure)
* Headline story pulled from blog in the ShijIBF daily online newspaper

Submissions Activity Summary
SLICK – Sent to Salvo Press on 19/10/2010

Short Fiction
PAINT – Sent to Wheelhouse Magazine on 19/10/2010 (Out 13 days)
DAFFODILS – Sent to Short Talk (Audio) on 13/06/2010 (Out 141 days)
REGRETS – Sent to Dublin Quarterly on 09/06/2010 (Out 145 days)
AMANDA AND JOE – Sent to Ephemera, The Quarterly on 19/10/2010 (Out 13 days)
THE ENGLISH TEACHER – Sent to Fleeting Magazine Short Writing Competition on 28/09/2010 (Out 34 days)
CITIZEN’S ARREST – Sent to Words Magazine s/s Competition on 13/06/2010 (Out 141 days)
A POINT OF VIEW – Sent to New Writing Scotland on 28/09/2010 (Out 34 days)
SAMSON THE GREAT – Sent to Libbon on 09/06/2010 (Out 145 days)
A WRITER’S HELL – Sent to East of the Web on 09/06/2010 (Out 145 days)
WHISKY SNATCHING – Sent to Wheelhouse Magazine on 16/06/2010 (Out 138 days)
BUZZ – Sent to Everyday Fiction on 28/09/2010 (Out 34 days)
BRIEFS – Sent to Streetcake on 28/09/2010 (Out 34 days)

* LETTING GO short story published in Open Wide Magazine, October issue
* The Story Building workshop at the Muse Online Writers’ Conference was a huge success: valuable, creative and view changing.

* Never managed to complete the next draft of BACCARA BURNING, which hacked me off. It was a big ask and there were some personal things that got in the way, but nevertheless it bites.

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About Colin Galbraith

Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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