A Great Day For Marie Curie Cancer Care

A Great Day For Marie Curie Cancer Care
Image: Rob Bell

I’ve not had time to upload the photographs and videos of Saturday’s 12th annual Beaujolais Breakfast at Musselborough’s Staggs Pub. At the last count we had raised a total in the region of £2,700 in conjunction with a similar event at the Aberlady Inn, all in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. Not a bad result.

The raffle was more of a success for me this year. Last time out I won nothing, but this time my ticket was first out of the hat. I plumped for a bottle of Merlot (galloped down by my wife last night) and a pink bottle of a liquor called ‘Women Are Fabulous’, which at the time I thought was some girly kind of shampoo I was going to give to my daughter. In the auction, I bid for and won a lovely official Beaujolais Breakfast mug.

The day itself was an absolute scream. I arrived with friends bang on 9am and was promptly handed my first glass of red wine. Delicious. Having a smooth and tasty wine really does help break down the natural barrier against drinking so early in the morning. By 9:30am breakfast had arrived: full Scottish fry-up, which had been cooked on a BBQ out in the pub garden area. It was delicious and would love to know how they made such fine omelettes on a BBQ!

By lunchtime the pub was packed full, the raffle and auction had been settled (both my books only went for a combined £10 – ridiculous!!!), and FC Ukulele had set up their gear to play a 26-song gig. I’ve never seen them in a larger venue, but they seem particularly suited to pub gigs, strumming speedily on their ukuleles and recreating many classic hits along the way.

By mid-afternoon the band had finished and sport had taken over as the main entertainment for those that remained and were still sober enough to appreciate it. Scotland beat South Africa at rugby, which if you know anything about the game is a real “David and Goliath” feat, and St. Mirren dropped two points against Motherwell after being a goal up. Not so good.

When early evening arrived (much faster than you might imagine given the circumstances) there were several casualties already lying by the wayside—and when I say lying I really mean sleeping or falling over. I, on the other hand, was still battering on having a rare old time.

By the time I gave up the ghost it had gone 11pm and I was hungry and tired—probably a little drunk too. I hopped into a cab and back home via the chippy, wandered up the road with a bottle of wine in one hand and a steak pie supper in the other.

It was noon on Sunday before I came too.

Needless to say the rest of my weekend was a wash out. It was to be expected, though, since the Beaujolais Breakfast is a tiring affair. I don’t know how Jill Irving, the organiser of the whole event, manages to keep it going year on year, but with the amount of money raised now well over £10k she has to be applauded along with the Staggs for allowing us to destroy their pub once a year. Drinking on the day is the easy bit—making it all happen is the tough side that most don’t see.

I’ll post pics and vids as soon as I have them.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun!

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