Sixteen Points Below

Sixteen Points Below

It was minus sixteen degrees Celsius over night. That’s -16C. A dozen marks and two pair below freezing point. Scotland is a really cold place just now, so much so that during the day it never made it above -5C. It’s so cold I’ve had to resort to longer length pantaloons and to ditch my crop top. Can you imagine?

My poor wee bunny seems to be totally undeterred by the weather. She’s pampered beyond belief is my bunny, and although she can’t get out to play much at the moment, she sits proudly in her wee chair and heated pads surveying the state of the garden now buried under half a foot of snow. It may be below freezing but she remains roasting hot. On the worst days I’ve taken her inside, but she seems keener on being out in the snow.

I had to take the evening off from working at the computer. Between the day job, website development work and my writing GDRs, I’ve been staring at a computer screen constantly now for almost three days solid. Sore eyes an a sore head were the warning signs so I took heed, ran a bath and soaked with Fry.

I spoke yesterday about the silent single being put together to try and knock the X-Factor winner off the number 1 slot, well now you can watch the single actually being recorded. It went out live on Ustream, the recording of which you can now watch here and enjoy the deliciousness of the whole concept:

I was delighted to see that Suggs and Chas Smash from Madness both present at the recording, which illustrates the widespread and united voice from British professional musicians that shows like the X-Factor, while they make exciting family viewing, are not in the best interests of the music scene.

We need a new punk revolution and to get back to the days where creativity is rewarded and new ideas embraced, where being able to sing other people’s songs isn’t all you need to be a one-hit wonder.

Here’s Suggs talking about the Cage Against The Machine project as well as a few comments about the Madness tour, still currently running in the UK.

Until the morra peeps!


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  1. Creativity isn’t a machine. Corporate executives don’t understand that, they don’t care to, and they just want to interchange the robots to keep raking in the cash. It’s happening in writing as well as music, although not as publicly. Where writers (especially genre writers) could turn out one book in a series a year, now they have to turn out 2-3.

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