From Snowballs To Fireballs

From Snowballs To Fireballs
Image: Daily Mail

I’m as bored talking about the snow and ice as I am having to walk about in it so I’ll say no more. Unless, that is, I should fall arse over tit again and jar my coccyx again (as I did last week in Prince Street), in order to inject some slapstick humour into the blog. Then and only then.

After battling through the cold to get home after work last night, I discovered I had to the house to myself. Daughter and wife had gone out to see a friend and have dinner so I made myself a Rare-Bit for mine—hugely fattening, immensely delicious but perfect for this weather.

Just after half past five and having eaten, I sat down in my office to check my email and get to work for the evening, when the sky lit up in front of me. I have one window in my office and it faces where I sit, my monitor being underneath my portal to the outside world. It means I can see out easily while I write. Anyway, the sky at the time was pitch black and totally clear so the stars were out in force, but this was different.

When I looked up I saw a long streak of light tearing across the sky, too defined and bright to be a plane or a firework, and way too fast to be anything man-made. As it arched across the frame of my window, I watched captivated as it burned out into millions of tiny other particles that then disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. I was in no doubt it had been a shooting star, only bigger and brighter. It was awesome.

In the news today, it seemed I wasn’t the only one to have witnessed it. Read the BBC report on the meteor fireball here.

I worked heavily on Gail’s website last night. It’s coming together well—all the pages are there and the content is slowly polishing up. I’ve installed new functional software for the image galleries and a lovely wee flash application that will allow customers to browse through her sample albums as if they were in front of them. The CGI scripts I’ll do last as I need to study up on them a bit more to understand them. Visit Gail Galbraith Photography if you want to know what Gail’s site looks like at the moment before all the changes come into effect.

Today I need to complete some work on the new edition of the Ranfurly Review, package up my foreign Christmas pressies, write and send my cards, and get through more GDRs.

Until the morra peeps!


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1 Response to From Snowballs To Fireballs

  1. Aren’t shooting stars gorgeous?

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