There’s a Black Guy at the Bar

There’s a Black Guy at the Bar
Image: BBC

I was saddened to see that former British boxing champion Gary Mason died in a cycling crash in south London on Thursday. He was hit off his bicycle in Wallington by a van – the driver of which was arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving – and pronounced dead at the scene. He was only 43.

Mason was at the bar in the Dublin Castle pub in Camden Town the night I saw Madness play their 25th anniversary gig in 2004, and I met him fleetingly. A big guy, as you would expect, but very cheery and forever known to those present as “the big black guy at the bar” by Chas Smash. May he rest in peace.

Savvy Workshop
I delayed going into work yesterday morning but still got up very early so I could work on my Savvy Authors workshop assignments. I’ve always been a morning person, creatively speaking, and so I decided to use that to my advantage and get fully back up to speed before I allowed the day job to pollute the creative portion of my mind. It worked.

Party Time
Gail and I headed down to a country house in Gullane last night, where one of our friends was having a 30th birthday party celebration. Probably way over the top for a 30th, it did however, give us a cheap night away together with “no need to worry about food and drink”. I can only imagine in that case, that the night was a whole load of fun, but as this post was scheduled to publish in advance, I actually have no idea. I’ll write more about and probably post some images when I return, but if you are that interested, follow me on Twitter for up-to-the-minute Tweets and pictures.

Christmas Dinner II
Today we head west to spend the day with my family. Because of my awkward turn on the standby rota at work and the poor weather, I never got to see my parents between the Christmas and New Year period at all. That will all be made up for today when we get to their house, though, where there will be Chrismtas gifts shared and champagne drank, before we all head out for a meal at a local restaurant. Wee Binny, my gig-going sister, will also be there so it should be a right carry on.

Enjoy your weekend!


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1 Response to There’s a Black Guy at the Bar

  1. Lara says:

    How Sad. Only the good die young!

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