A New Member Of The Family

A New Member Of The Family
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Things are looking to be on the up after having slept for the best part of 30 out of the last 36 hours solid. When I got up this morning the tiredness was waning but my head still felt like it was full of candy floss. I managed to eat something more substantial including a fresh coffee, and I received a picture of my new niece to my mobile phone. Yes, things are definitely better.

A Baby Girl
At around midday yesterday I got a call from my mother to let me know that my younger sister, Fiona, had given birth by caesarian to a little girl. A wee sister for Charlotte and another daughter for mother and hubby, Nolon, she came into the world at 7lbs 8oz and is called Bethany. Hopefully I’ll get up to Perth this week to meet her for the first time, but I’ll have to shake this blasted flu first.

The Wild West
Despite my ills, I managed to submit assignment 4 of the Savvy Author’s workshop on time. I’ve not read it today, and to tell you the truth I’m a bit scared because I have been rather feverish over the past few days and was reported as saying a lot of stupid things, so goodness knows what made it down onto paper. I went with a wild west genre but kept it simple, so no real wider historical elements came into play, just some local tensions. Whether or not it worked it was good fun to write, being a lover of Western movies.

John Barry Crazy
While lying in bed last night I bought a few albums on iTunes to follow up my purchase of An Introduction to Elliott Smith, which I have had on almost constantly any time I’ve been awake long enough. I went John Barry crazy last night and downloaded The Beyondness of Things, Eternal Echoes, The Ipcress File Soundtrack and The Very Best Of. Some nice sounds for today and The Ipcress File is a great one to listen to in an empty house while making brunch, so I discovered.

Website Work & Comedy Writing
And so to today. I took a long bath this morning and am feeling much better  for it. My main priority for the rest of the day is to get tidied up and do a lot of work on Gail’s photography website. It’s nearing conclusion and there is the possibility of launching it in the next 48 hours. I also want to write up the first draft of assignment 5 for the workshop: comedy. I really will need to be in the right frame of mind for that one!

Have a good ‘un!


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  1. Glad you’re feeling better and congrats on the new niece!

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