The Taste of Blood

The Taste of Blood
Image: Unknown

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is Friday is one again upon us, the weather is cracking, and tonight I will meet my new niece for the very first time. The bad news is I have to go into hospital.

Dentist Woes
I joined my new dentist yesterday afternoon after taking my wife’s advice and I think it may well turn out to be a good thing. He’s informative, straight talking, friendly, and the Practice looks very well run indeed. Certainly comparing to my last one it is.

Remember the sore gum in the upper-rear-left of my mouth that was giving me pain and headaches over the Christmas/New Year period? I couldn’t sleep and had to take powerful painkillers to get through it. It turns out that there’s nothing wrong with either the tooth or the gum and the incident was just down to a small infection (something probably got stuck) and my own cleaning removed it. Result!

Meanwhile bottom-rear-left something more sinister has been happening for quite a while. It appears I have a partially exploded-compacted-decaying wisdom tooth, that has chosen to force itself onto its side causing me no discomfort whatsoever, but is very likely to in the coming months as it slowly deteriorates. Hence the hospital trip. “Not the kind of news I like to give to my first-time patients,” he said, adding, “but I hope you like the taste of blood.”

So off I’ll be going at some point in the near future to get my gum sliced open, jaw bone broken and tooth extracted. Nice.

A New Makar
I can’t think of anyone else more suited to the job, which is why I was delighted to see Liz Lochhead was confirmed as the new Scots’ Makar (national poet)  yesterday, following the death in the summer of Edwin Morgan.

“I am as delighted as I am surprised by this enormous honour,” said Lochhead, who is originally from Newarthill, near Motherwell, and is a widely recognised poet, author, translator, playwright, stage performer and broadcaster.

“I accept it on behalf of poetry itself, which is, and always has been, the core of our culture, and in grateful recognition of the truth that poetry – the reading of it, the writing of it, the saying it out loud, the learning of it off by heart – all of this matters deeply to ordinary Scottish people everywhere.”

Bravo on a super choice!

Family Visit
As previously mentioned, I’ll meet my new niece, Bethany Fiona Owen, this evening. I’m going to leave work an hour or so early to head up to Perth in the car. I’ll be back in time to finish off my latest Savvy Authors workshop assignment (the Romance one) and get myself setup for the weekend.

Friday Video
This Pennsylvanian shopper was caught on CCTV texting while walking. The result is quite spectacular!


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3 Responses to The Taste of Blood

  1. Diane says:

    They’re gonna break your jaw?! Oh my! Good luck with that. (Shudder.)

  2. Good luck with your tooth. I had five wisdom teeth extracted in my early twenties (I had an extra, one, figures. I’m glad they did it all at once, because if I knew what it was all about, I’d have never gone back.

    Make sure they put you ALL the way out.

    Best of luck.

  3. Binny says:

    yep sedation is the way to go with the wisdom tooth, was a year ago I got mine done…. *shudders*

    you’ll be fine though bro

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