Meeting Bethany

Meeting Bethany
Image: Laura Galbraith

A fine day; an all round family day that lifted my spirits even higher than they’ve been growing these past couple of weeks.

Yesterday I met the newest member of our family, my wee sister’s week old baby girl, Bethany. After a productive working day, we headed north to a village near Perth to spend the evening with Fiona,  Nolon and Charlotte, to meet the new arrival.

The drive north would have been nice if it hadn’t been for the fog. The Forth estuary was swamped with thick fog making the journey over the Forth Bridge and the first section of Fife, a little dodgy. We arrive by 4:30pm and very soon we’d met the new girl.

She’s beautiful. I don’t know how my sister has managed to make two such beautiful little girls, but she has and she’s truly blessed. Because of the situation over Christmas and New Year this was the first time I’d seen my sister and her family since last year, so we had plenty to catch up on as well as handing over a bunch of Chrimbo and new baby gifts.

We had a lovely meal of Steak & Ale Pie (my daughter wouldn’t eat it because she didn’t want to get drunk on the alcohol in the pie), Shepherd’s Pie, veg and curly chips.

It was a great evening, as short as it was. In my mind I remembered holding Charlotte for the first time, the first new generation baby from my side of the family, and choking up at the realisation I was holding my wee sister’s tiny, tiny little baby. I thought that I would avoid that pitfall with Bethany being her second but it wasn’t to be. Watery eyes and dry gulps ensued as I held her for the first time.

Bloody great sop that’s what I am.

Savvy Authors Workshop
Back home it was straight into putting the finishing touches to my 6th workshop assignment, Romance. This one has been a challenge because it doesn’t just challenge my skills as a writer in tackling a new genre, it also challenges my maturity, or perhaps a better way of putting it, it tests out my ability to step into a place or a situation that doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m still not sure I’m explaining that properly; you’d probably have to read the story, so I’ll wait and see what the tutor comes back with before I know if I got half way there.

Website Work
Once I’d posted my assignment, the rest of my evening was spent on website work. We’re down to final proofing of the content and the new snazzy sample wedding album was also configured and uploaded. It looks great; it’s like having an actual magazine right in front of you and it a great way of showing off Gail’s talents as an album designer as well as a wedding photographer.

Assembly Rooms
To other news, and I see that the Edinburgh Fringe favourite, the Assembly Rooms, is to move from George Street to George Square on the other side of the city. It’s been in its current location for 30 years and despite a recent renovation, it’s finally been decided to move it for good. It won’t be the same come August with no fliers advertising the venue, or massive queues lining the length of the street in either direction at all times of the day.

No work today. In a short while I’m heading down to the Borders to stay with friends for the night. You’ll remember them – the ones with the hot tub in their garden and two beautiful Cruft winning Collies, Alfie and Eve. We’re going to go for walks in the country, eat half a lamb, drink copious amounts of red wine and watch the stars from a hot tub in a field behind their house.

These are the Saturday’s I REALLY like!

See you the morra!


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2 Responses to Meeting Bethany

  1. Always good to step out of your comfort zone. I plan on catching up on exercises before I get back on the road.

    Congrats on your new niece!

  2. Brenda says:

    She’s beautiful! What I could see of her anyway. Congrats!

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