No Shit, Sherlock

No Shit, Sherlock
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Baccara Revisions
BACCARA BURNING is fully under way now that I’ve begun the regime of getting up WELL before the day job to work on it. By 6am I was ready and writing and it felt great; I was on a high for most of the day as a result because I knew that whatever happened in the evening, I’d already worked on a healthy chunk before the sun had even risen.

As it transpired it was a very good move because after work I nipped up to the hospital for a couple of hours for visiting time, and by the time I got back home and had run through my email it was 9pm. A good job then, indeed!

Groundhog Day
It’s here again – February 2nd is Groundhog Day when Punxsutawney Phil will either leave his burrow to signify winter is soon to be at an end, or upon emerging and if he sees his shadow, will turn back inside to signify six more weeks of winter. It’s actually only celebrated the United States of America and Canada but I’ve always really liked the tradition since I saw the movie, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray. Also, it’s my blog so I can talk about what I want.

Sherlock Holmes
I’m not sure how to react to the news that for the first time ever, the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has authorised the release of a new novel starring Sherlock Holmes. Anthony Horowitz is to write a new book for the famous literary character, which is to be published this September. Can it work? Should it be allowed? Why him? Is he up to it? I have all kinds of questions none of which I’m qualified in the slightest way to answer, except that is to say, I’ll probably buy a copy when it comes out to find out.

GDR Guarantee
February is here and I’m off to a flier. I guarantee you this day, here and now (first time I’ve done this), that come the 28th February 2011, I shall have complete ALL of the GDRs on my work plan for this month. With that in mind, here’s my plan for the next 27 days:

Monthly GDR Plan

* Complete BACCARA BURNING revisions
* Find potential publishers and resubmit SLICK
* Keep on top of fiction submissions
* Submit to all selected fiction competitions this month

* Get poetry books on Kindle
* Start work on new ideas for chapbook

* Start preparing for RR issue 14 in March

* Keep all my websites updated and relevant
* New gigs lined up for review – Mogwai (21st)

Reading & Learning
* SCAREDY CAT by Mark Billingham
* ONE GOOD TURN by Kate Atkinson

* Publish a bloody podcast or at least figure out how best to do it!


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  1. That’s why I like writing first thing in the day – no matter what happens during the rest of the day, or how I’m pulled off track, I still have that first 1K of the day done.

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