Bless the Bunnies

Bless the Bunnies
Image: Pippin

Writing Routine
Totally buggered up my early morning writing session yesterday morning when I went and slept in. I woke up at 9:20am having had a night full of manky dreams, and although I made it to work only a few minutes late, it was enough to knock me right off my routine. It also made my sister late as I was meant to give her a wake-up call at 6:30am. Oops!

The main dream I remember having was walking through into our conservatory to see a dog sitting on our lawn. I suddenly remembered I’d left the side of the the rabbit hutch open but when I went to look saw a whole load of cats, dogs and foxes sitting at the side of the lawn staring guiltily.

A big Alsation dog then came out of the rabbit den inside the run. My wee bunny was  firmly clamped between its teeth, flopping around all dead, so I decided since I couldn’t win against a large vicious Alsation, I’d try and kill as many of the dogs, cats and foxes in the garden as I could in revenge. Except that was when my wife’s horrible piercing mobile phone alarm went off and it was all lost forever. Probably just as well as I don’t like hurting animals.

Doctors and Nurses
So, no writing yesterday morning thus the pressure was on to make sure I got through all I had planned for the day. And I performed admirably. Once the day job was out of the way I headed  up to the hospital with Gail. My sick relative was being released back home so we went to collect him and take him home. We spent about an hour there while they sorted out various things, but it was an absolute pleasure for me because some of the doctors and nurses really are quite outstandingly up there.

Baccara Revisions
Back home and I churned through 8 pages of BACCARA BURNING. Things are alive with this one again and the edits are coming on strong. I’m enjoying being with Stella and Randolph as they are great characters, both in their own right, but also I can never really fathom what she sees in him. It works on some levels, though, and makes it fascinating, so  here I am writing about them and everything seems to fit well.

Year of the Bunny
Today is the Chinese New Year and all over Asia celebrations have been going on through the day and night. The reason I’m mentioning it is to warn everyone NOT to order from their favourite Chinese takeaway like I tried to do a couple of years ago, because they’re all away having fun. Also, it’s now the Year of the Rabbit and as a bunny keeper, I quite like the idea that the spotlight of a nation falls onto my favourite little cuddly animal. Bless the bunnies!

The Musicians’ Masterclass
The Musicians’ Masterclass is on today, an event supported by the BBC for unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar musicians across the UK. Hosted at the Abbey Road and Maida Vale recording studios, new musicians are getting the opportunity to hear from some of the biggest names in the industry – including established artists, record labels, managers, BBC DJs and many more.

Working with local BBC Introducing show teams, we have invited musicians from all over the UK. If you didn’t bag yourself a ticket, don’t worry – you’ll be able to watch the whole day’s events live, right here on our website. The event is sold out, but you can watch it all LIVE by clicking on this link throughout today.

That’s me for today. This post was pre-written (as I’m doing more and more these days) so by the time it has appeared on the internet, I should be another few pages in BACCARA revisions – early morning, of course 🙂


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