My eBay Decision

My eBay Decision
Image: James Allen

You only have a few more hours left to take advantage of my 20% off all poetry books offer I’m running. Go on, buy some poetry, have a great laugh and see the world through my eyes for an hour or two. Scroll down to the Special Offers section at the end of this post for details.

One of the first things I had to do yesterday was order a couple of briefs for a concert in December. The pre-sale for Mogwai’s gig at the Glasgow Barrowland went on sale at 9am yesterday, so I bagged myself a couple. Tickets for December for a gig of this size and coming so early, makes me think there’s something special happening and I don’t want to miss out. I’ve been wanting to see Mogwai play for a while now and am greatly looking forward to seeing them at the Picture House in Edinburgh later this month.

Baccara Revisions
Thankfully I made up for the previous day and managed to get up in time to get some decent writing done early yesterday. A few more pages of BACCARA BURNING under my belt and I was set for the day. My main worry at the moment is whether or not the book kicks off in the right location and at the right speed. I’m more positive the location is good (Sorrento, Italy), but the pace I’m not convinced of; it’s a tense build up to the action, but slow boiling and great to write, but reading it may be a different matter, though.

eBay Quandary
Last week Ian Rankin discovered unscrupulous eBay sellers were offering up his e-books for sale, bypassing any route for royalties while claiming it was allowed as e-books are in the public domain. Ian complained to eBay and the listings were removed.

It came at a time I had also noticed someone selling physical copies of my books through eBay. They were offering my book, FRINGE FANTASTIC, at inflated prices with the intention that if anyone bid for them, they would then order the book from the publisher and have it delivered to the winning bidder.

My initial reaction was disgust. Surely it was unethical and out-with the limit of Copyright or laws governing Intellectual Property? Then I realised that the publisher would still be receiving the payment for the books, ergo, I would still receive royalties from the sale.

What do you all think? Complain or wait and see? I’m not suer if I even have cause to complain given the book is for sale through Lulu. You can view the listing here:…-/140498166567

Jedi Night In
No writing or revisions last night because I had to work for the Day Job, and none this morning either due to a family commitment. I aim to get another few pages complete this evening, however, before my daughter and I settle down for one of our wee Pizza and DVD nights.

We’ve watched a lot of great films during our nights in, everything from The Pink Panther to Indiana Jones to The Goonies. But tonight we move onto something extra-special: Star Wars! It’s been so long since I watched it, I can hardly wait myself. I got the box set from my sister (Binny) for Christmas – Star Wars, Empire and Return – but the set came with both versions, the original and revamped. Being a traditionalist I’m probably going to go with the original.

Have a great Friday – ciao for now!


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  1. As long as they’re paying for the book, I’m pretty sure it’s legal. The inflated price is the same as if they were running a grocery store — they buy at one price, sell at another. It’s not good for customers, but I’d check with a lawyer to see if it’s legal. Do you have the equivalent of Volunteers for the Arts there? Inexpensive legal advice for artists? Might be worth it.

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