A New Jedi Knight

A New Jedi Knight
Image: Surfur Dude

It was a drookit day from dawn till dusk yesterday; overcast, grey, manky and just plain wet. Just as well I spent several hours in an office complete with regular shapes, strip lighting, keyboards and monitors.

Earning a Living
There are definitely worse ways to earn a living and I consider myself quite lucky in that respect. My job is ever-growing, I’m pushed and encouraged on a daily basis, I’m learning new skills, job satisfaction is high, and I’m paid well for what I do. Can’t complain really.

Every now and then, though, a project comes along that takes you out of your normal sphere of work pattern, and this weekend sees exactly that scenario unfold. I’m involved in a project that will see my working in a West End Company office from 7:30am today until around 4pm, then tomorrow (Sunday) from 6am until around 3pm. There will not be no proper rest and no real time to myself, so although the overtime payments will come in very handy, the reality is you find yourself working 12 days on the trot without a break. It’s tiring stuff.

Teeth Clean-Up
My first stop yesterday after work was the dentist. After my initial consultation the other week, this was my first scheduled visit back to see the hygienist – the filling work starts next week. It all went fine and apparently for a 37 year old male my teeth and gums are pretty good. I’ve to invest in an electric toothbrush to make up the extra few percent but all in all it seems I take quite good care of my pearly-whites.

A Jedi in Training
Back home and with my wife going out to a charity night, my daughter and I started our long awaited Pizza and DVD night. Our choice of pizzas: Dominos Pepperoni and Hot and Spicy; our choice of movie: Star Wars. It was time to introduce this particular 13 year old to the joys of Han Solo, the Skywalkers, talking droids, Princess Leia, and of course, Darth Vader and his little Stormtroopers.

She had not been keen on seeing Star Wars despite my persuasiveness over recent months, “too boyish,” she said. But during the film I was told to shut up when I spoke because she had become that enthralled and engaged by the action and the characters. Mission accomplished. It won’t be long, I sense, before we watch the next episode.

For me, it was great seeing the film again. It’s been a while since I last saw it but I’ve seen it countless times since 1977. In fact, it was the first film I ever saw and have been hooked ever since. Growing up I had Star Wars wallpaper, loads of action figures and ships, a Darth Vader helmet and now I have the films to watch when I like. I shall of, course, be teaching my daughter in the ways of the Force, and as I told her last night: “Only then shall your training be complete.”

By the time I get out of here I should have time to get through a few more pages of BACCARA BURNING. That will be tonight though, a long way off from where I am sitting just now. At least it’s stopped raining and I have a nice view of Edinburgh Castle.

Back to the grindstone – have a great Saturday!


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