A Working Saturday

A Working Saturday
Image: Guardian

If you read yesterday’s blog post you will already know pretty much all there is to know. Saturday 5th February was, for me, a full day’s work at the Day Job. Big changes are afoot in the company and I’m part of the project team implementing them.

Sightseeing While I Work
I started work at 8am and that was me until 4:30pm. Free breakfast and lunch was catered for and the coffee machine was the busiest piece of equipment in the office all day long. The office I was located for the day overlooks Lothian Road, thus providing magnificent views of Edinburgh Castle and eastward towards Princes Street while I worked. I took some pics, which I’ll post tomorrow once I get home and upload them onto my PC.

I was pretty tired after work and well aware that the real work for this project wasn’t beginning until today, when I would have to be up at 4:30am in order to get ready and be in the office for half past five. My plan was to do some writing and go to bed early to watch a film, but my wife managed to get a virus on her new laptop so I spent the bulk of my evening removing it from the system.

Larry David Annoys
I watched Whatever Works a film written and directed by Woody Allen and with Larry David as the protagonist. It was possibly because I was so tired but I just couldn’t get into it. I found it to be not that funny and Larry David quite annoying and unrealistic. His constant “witty” moaning managed to irk me more than entertain and I found myself wishing it was over so I could turn out the light. Thanks fully it was only a 90 minute film and I could do just that.

Look Ahead
Have a great Sunday. I intend to get out of here (the Office) as soon as I can and go home for a badly needed hour or two kip. I shall then get into some serious writing and I am already sensing an Indian meal on the cards for dinner – I don’t see why I shouldn’t have any part of this weekend to myself.

Before I Go
My Twitter pal, Kristin Pedroja, sent me this video in response to my Jedi Knight post yesterday. It’s superb, so here it is for all to enjoy. Thanks Kristin!


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3 Responses to A Working Saturday

  1. Mum says:

    Love the Jedi in training!!

  2. Mum says:

    Wonderful web site created for Gail – superb!!

  3. The whining in the film is just that — whining. It’s not satire, it’s whining, and therefore, I have no patience with it.

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