Work, Work, Work, Writing and Food

Work, Work, Work, Writing and Food
Image: Plymouth University

I arrived in the West End of Edinburgh at precisely 5:30am yesterday morning. As it was a Sunday, it only took my five minutes in my pre-booked, company-paid cab to get there from Leith.

Edinburgh is beautiful at the best of times, but pre-dawn with the streets empty and the clubbers and party-goers all gone home, it’s something totally different. It’s devoid of sound and motion, no birds and no cars, and with only the street lamps providing any light (the moon was stuck behind a thick overcast of cloud), it makes for an eerie scene, but in a nice way.

Yet again I took a couple of pictures, one of Lothian Road looking towards Tollcross, and one of the Western Approach Road. Here they are, including the couple I took from the office I was working in on Saturday.

Lothian Road: Sunday, 5:30am

Western Approach Road: Sunday, 5:35am

Views of Edinburgh Castle

Work began for me at 5:45am. I finished my work by 9am and then it was a long wait while testers and bug fixes went through. After running a couple of errands in town, I headed home a little weary but quite pleased with the way everything had gone. It struck me then that my weekend was finally mine and I could now do something for me.

My choice of how to spend my time was simple: write and eat. I worked on BACCARA then helped my daughter with her new laptop. By evening we were all hungry so I ordered my favourite dinner (which I think I truly deserved): Indian takeaway from the Prince Balti House. Yet another delicious Lamb Madras was delivered – they never get it wrong.

And that pretty much sums up my weekend: work, work, work, writing and food.


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2 Responses to Work, Work, Work, Writing and Food

  1. Lovely photos. My favorite time in a city is after the partiers go home and before the day people get out.

  2. Kevin Clark says:

    Try a Chicken Jalfezie from Shaplas on Easter Road, my fav take way 🙂

    Did you spot many doing the ‘walk of shame’?

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