No Hope for a Scottish Academy of Literature

No Hope for a Scottish Academy of Literature

Birthday wishes
My dear young Mother (you owe me a fiver) had her birthday yesterday. 9th February 19-canteen saw my Mum coming into the world and yesterday she celebrated by having a nice meal out with family and friends.

My card arrived on time for once and when I called to give her my best, I informed her I’d be taking her out for the day sometime soon as her gift. Venue and date to be decided, but whenever it is, it’s long overdue.

Good Work
A good couple of days work on the fiction. BACCARA BURNING revisions are moving at a good pace; slow enough for me to take it all in and be able to juggle things around, edit and shape, and fast enough to keep pace with the story and meet my GDR plan for the month.

Another of my GDRs was to find some suitable markets to resubmit SLICK to. I did, and startign at the top of the list I spent the night before last building the submission package to send off. Unusually, they want the full manuscript and synopsis as part of it and not just a taster, but off it went last night – fingers crossed.

Scottish Academy of Literature Rejected
The continued negative impact the SNP is having on Scotland got worse yesterday when plans for a Scots literary academy was rejected by none other than Fiona Hyslop, ex-starlet of the Scottish political scene.

The Scottish Academy of Literature would have involved writers such as JK Rowling, Alexander McCall Smith, Alasdair Gray and Ian Rankin, but were thrown out by the Scottish “Government” based on her suggestion that Scotland’s new Makar, Liz Lochhead, should be given an enhanced role as a literary ambassador instead.

The full report will be published today but it’s a giant step backwards for Scotland and a huge opportunity missed. While Liz Lochhead is more than capable in the role of ambassador, surely having all our top authors involved would have been a much better idea?

World Book Night Fail
Also significant is the view of World Book Night on 5th March by Edinburgh’s independent booksellers. I spotted this one on Twitter from my bookie mate Rob Burdock (@RobAroundBooks) and Quercus Books (@QuercusBooks), as booksellers across the city and the nation groan at the futility of giving away prime literary retail stock valued at £9 million on World Book Night.

In an article on State of Independents, what appears to be a great thing for readers is actually doing no end of harm to the industry on a larger scale and could be irreparable. Not to mention the authors who receive no royalties for such a project. When I first saw the World Book Night email I instinctively thought it was a great idea. Rob and Vanessa (who wrote the above article) have convinced me otherwise.

And To Today
Quite a lot going on today that has meant I can’t plan into the evening as much as I want. I was originally going to spend the evening with some of my wife’s relatives but that may have to go on ice. If it does, I may get work on more revisions but if the plan stays solid I won’t.

Until tomorrow, folks!


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