Commercialised Love

Commercialised Love
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Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday? We usually go out for a meal but it’s a bit difficult with our schedules just now so we’ve agreed to find a quieter time to go out.

The problem I have with Valentine’s Day in particular is that prices get ridiculously inflated for things you can, and should, do all year round. Gail and I go out for meals quite often and I also buy her flowers every now and then, so I don’t feel guilty when I don’t do it on the 14th of February when it costs more. As much as saying it is probably taken for granted some of the time, I tell my wife I love her every singe day, not when Clinton Cards tells me I should.

No, we’ll choose a restaurant and go out some night the wean is away at a sleepover. That way we can get peace and quiet and be able to relax into some good food, some better wine and some chat. Contenders so far are Fishers, Kushis or somewhere that does a great steak.

Time ran away from me last night and I didn’t get as much done as I’d planned. Gail and I were out visiting a relative who’s not too well and we ended up staying longer than anticipated.

I’ve reached a point in BACCARA that follows an intense moment of drama, and so what happens in the story seems flat and boring since it only exists to join the end of one arc to the next. It’s flat and mundane but it needs to be there – something needs to be there – so after trying to get it right I put it aside and highlighted it for later. I continued with the story and put it in the part of my mind labelled: To Be Thought About & Edited After.

Poetry Flame
An idea that has been brewing quietly in tha back of my mind for a while has started to consume my thoughts more and more over the past few days. It’s a project involving what would probably be my next chapbook but it has some new angles to it and some very specific opportunities it might open. It also has to be handled very delicately.

I’m only mentioning it now because I’m not 100% sure I’ll write it but it’s strong enough in my mind that it needs to registered, and very often for me by writing these vague thoughts down on paper, I’m able to see things more clearly in my mind.

Least not to say, if the vague image I have of this idea crystallizes into what I think it could be, it could easily become my best work to date. That’s maybe jumping the gun a bit but I’m basing those words on the subject matter and my emotional involvement to it. More later.

Today is going to be tight again because I’m meeting my sister after work for some food and a movie. Binny is through in Edinburgh working for the day so as we often do, a wee meet-up and catch-up is in order. I’ll be seeing her again over the weekend for a show and then a gig next Monday, so this is really a gentle prelude to the madness that is about to ensue.

Have a great day folks, wherever in the world you are.


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  1. Well, if it’s after intense drama, it needs to be a breath, to give characters and readers a break. Think about ways to BREATHE into it. Yes, it’s a transition, but what did the characters learn in the previous sequence, and how are they dealing with it? Or not dealing with it? Use that to lead you into the next bit.

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