Workplace Wonders

Workplace Wonders

Baccara Revisions
My writing in general has taken a tumble these last couple of nights. My new book, BACCARA BURNING, has reached that sticky phase that caused my so much pain in the first draft. It’s a pull between heart and head; head wants to take things one way, but in my heart I have to listen to the characters and let it go. Who knew writing a book could be so emotional.

New Horizons
I’ve been approached to see if I want involved in a community project that might be happening in Leith at some point. The guy running with needs a writer and asked if I would like to be involved. We’re meeting up next week some time for a beer and to discuss.

Music Review
My review of Monday’s quite excellent Mogwai gig is now online over at my music blog. You can read it now over at the Man in the East.

Workplace Wonders
Imagine my surprise when one of the hardest blokes in Edinburgh, a bloke I work with and who I have long admired as a tough guy with a soft edge, was overheard on the phone yesterday saying: “Andy James Primrose Cronin speaking – how may I help you?”

The whole office went quite. It was as though a gas containing a strong paralysing agent had been piped out of the air conditioning system, halting everyone in their tracks. Picture the scene at the end of a Police Squad episode: Frank Drebben holding a pose with an inane grin on his face while the credits played out. It was like that, only much, much more horrible.

James Primrose: suitable for a lady boy but not Andy Cronin. Oh, how the mighty tumbled in the office pecking order yesterday. The good thing to come out of it is I now have a great name for a suitably odd, perhaps effeminate character in a new book.

Friday Vid
My Friday vid this week is specifically aimed at those Americans that still think the United Kingdom and its Monarchy is made up entirely of England, and nothing but. However, even if you are British, you might consider watching this short but speedy film, as it clears up any ambiguity that still exists as to what Scotland, England and Ireland are, what they belong to, and how it all fits together. If you can’t see this video, go here: Enjoy!

Ciao for now!


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2 Responses to Workplace Wonders

  1. consider the contrast of Primrose as a tough guy — might be more interesting. Did he have to get tough to fight his name? Why did he decide not to change it? Why is he so proud of it? I think there are more possibilities if you cast against type.

  2. Mum says:

    Your Friday vid – how can anyone talk that fast?!!!!

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