Centering the GPS

Centering the GPS

A pleasant day yesterday. I had intended on writing early morning but overslept slightly, so decided to stash my notebook in my pocket and visit a city centre coffee shop to write before work. Same effect; different output, and a most enjoyable start to any corporate day.

I finished up all the work left for this month’s issue of the Ranfurly Review. Issue 14 will be out tomorrow after what has now become the customary final flurry of activity to get it ready.

Issue 15 is now also full and 16 has begun to swell nicely, taking me to the end of the year. I’ve posted deadlines on the issues now, not submission deadlines, but editorial ones so that each issue will be ready to go at least 2 weeks prior to publication.

GDR Review
I took some time out yesterday to look over my annual GDR document. I think that with five months to go of the year and following on from such a horrible and disruptive period, that it was important for me to look over what my original plans were and take stock of where I am, how far off target I am (if any), and most importantly, review what needs to be done.

It was a valuable exercise. There are undoubtedly some things I won’t achieve, but these fall more in the ‘Dreams’ category, so I don’t hold much up against that. My ‘Resolutions’ have almost all been met – I’ve done well there.

The ‘Goals’ are the important ones, though, and I still have a bundle of work to do. I may have to drop an item or two off the list, pieces of larger work than can easily be held off but in the main I think my targets are still very achievable.

If nothing else, it was a good motivational exercise to get back and hammering out the words. I like to think of it as pressing CENTRE on the GPS to see exactly where I am.

Recently I’ve been working my way through the entire box set collection of The Sopranos. When I began watching the series on television it was already half way through but I was hooked straight away. Last night I came to the final show after watching the lot in order, and despite knowing what happens it still blew my mind.

It’s not often there’s a television show that I simply will not miss and The sopranos was the one for me. These days it’s QI or the new series Wonders of the Universe with Prof. Brian Cox, a man who actually makes me wish I’d become a physicist. Other than that, there’s not a lot else on the box that tickles my fancy.

No More TV
I won’t be watching much television for a while now that I’ve discovered the joys of the radio and have a backlog of books to work through. Variety is the spice of life, and I’m still confident of reaching my GDRs where reading is concerned.

Until the morra!


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3 Responses to Centering the GPS

  1. Brenda says:

    I got hubby the Sopranos box set last year for Christmas. He loves it.

  2. Stevie ward says:

    Last year I worked through the entire Sopranos as well.
    Absolutely magnificent!
    Even now, whenever I hear that song it gives me goosebumps.
    I just watched the ending again, still brilliant.

  3. Regular reassessment is important. And, once you’re hooked on a good TV show, you don’t want to settle for crap. Enjoy the reading and the radio!

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