New Issue of the Ranfurly Review

New Issue of the Ranfurly Review
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Decaffeination Problems
Last Friday, perhaps through some form on underlying grief, I managed to break the carafe on my coffee maker. The handle came away in my hand thus snapping the glass it was connected to when I picked it up. I was very sad. I was very annoyed. I was far too decaffeinated going into the day.

So yesterday I managed to track down an outlet that sells replacement parts and ordered myself a rush delivery of said carafe. My French Press is good for when I’m in a hurry or using pre-ground coffee, but for freshly ground and coarser coffees – the really good stuff – it needs to be the filter machine.

The Ranfurly
Issue 14 of the Ranfurly Review has now been published. Fire over to and download your free copy of the magazine, which this month has more wonderful poetry and fiction from around the world. Follow us on Twitter too; @ranfurlyreview is going to be more active in the coming months.

The magazine took longer than I thought to get published and it ended up taking most of my time last night. It’s always the same by the time the website has been changed and checked out for bugs, and I’ve sent out all the emails (which went wrong and I think I sent it out three times by mistakes – sorry if I did), time has drifted away. It’s all administration work but at least it’s only once every three months.

With RR out the way for another issue I can concentrate on the rest of my GDRs. Tonight I want to focus on some marketing work that’s been hanging around for a couple of months: getting the remainder of my published books onto Kindle (most of them already are) and iBooks, which is Apple’s central store for selling books through their computers and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

The requirements for iBooks is very, very strict, so I suspect there may be a certain amount of careful work to do in order to meet the criteria. But if I can get them on then I’ll be selling my wares through a bunch of indie publishers, Kindle, iBooks and Amazon – all the biggies. Then I just need to tell people where they are…

After that, it will be back to BACCARA BURNING.

Louise Rennison
Louise Rennison, famous for books such us Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and who sent me a kiss in the book she signed for my daughter at last year’s Edinburgh Book Festival is releasing a new series exclusively online.

She contacted me to ask if I would mention How to Make Any Twit Fall in Love With You, in which her readers will see teen heroine Georgia Nicolson and her cousin Tallulah dive head first into the “fabbity fab world of boys and teenage mayhem” once more.

Not, per chance, my first choice of reading, but I’m sure I’m not the demographic Louise had in mind when she wrote the book. But for the tens of thousands of teenage girls that were, you should all head on over to Louise’s Facebook page where she is running several competitions including the chance to win £100 HarperCollins vouchers, Louise’s entire back catalogue and signed merchandise.

It’s not a bad deal actually, and it’s all going on over here:

If you want to get your hands on the new series and skip all the Facebook excitement, you should direct your browser here:

Until the morra!


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  1. Sounds like you’re getting back into your creative flow again. Good for you!

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