On a Roll

On a Roll
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Day Job High
When I left the day job on Friday I was on a major high; I’d had a fantastic week. Not only had I made two technological breakthroughs for a long term project I’ve been working on, but our new salaries and bonuses came in for the next year. Let’s just say, I was very pleased with both outcomes.

My wife and daughter already had plans for Friday night and most of the weekend, so I knew I was going to get plenty of time to myself for writing and other GDRs over the course of the next couple of days. So with the house to myself on Friday, I asked myself, “what do you want to do?”

The answer was nothing incredibly fancy, but it was incredibly enjoyable. I pulled a comfy chair in front of the television, ordered a pizza, and settled down to watch a Western: The Sons of Katie Elder with John Wayne and Dean Martin. No booze, no going out, just a nice bit of food to myself, a perfect movie, and peace and quiet. It was bliss.

Saturday arrived but the snow that had been forecast didn’t. Not in Leith anyway. I left the house at about ten in the morning and after popping into the bank and the newsagent, I got on a bus to the south bridge and went for a coffee in Spoon.

I read, I wrote – ideas were drafted for two short stories. The first of my short ideas was actually spawned while walking through Leith earlier on, the second after I stopped to talk to a UNICEF representative outside Surgeon’s Hall. Both had an element of ‘what might have happened next if….?’ about them.

To be honest, getting great ideas in the middle of novella revisions is a bit of a pain. You want to get the main manuscript finished so you can get it out, but these new ideas and characters start to get in the way and you feel like you have to stop eventually. Sometimes fast is best so I’ll try and batter them out in a quieter moment.

The rest of my Saturday was spent working on my GDRs. Today I get back into BACCARA but there is also the small matter of Scotland playing England at Twickenham a little later in the Six Nations. Not one to miss. My Mother-in-Law will be over for dinner later on, too, so I’ll have to be on my best behaviour.



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1 Response to On a Roll

  1. Sometimes a quiet night at home is just what you need. And I’m glad the job is so fulfilling!

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