A Seam of Gold

A Seam of Gold
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It was a lot milder yesterday. So much for yesterday being the day when snow was meant to hit us as hard as it had done in December. Sometimes I wonder just how the weather forecasters can get it right on so many occasions, yet so badly wrong on others. Makes you think it’s a career based on gut experience as opposed to any particular science.

I took advantage of the lack of snow to head back into town on a mission: to buy new jeans. I eventually found a pair decently priced at £20 in Next, but not after much searching through all the different kinds of fit. I mean, why is it so difficult to buy jeans? There’s everything from jeans to make you look skinny to jeans that make you look bandy to jeans that hang off your ass. What’s the point? Why can’t there just be a rack of normal jeans?

I also took the opportunity of being in town to stop off for a coffee and read of the paper. I needed it after the stress of having to shop for jeans on a Sunday morning. 🙂

The biggest part of my day was taken up with writing. Those two short stories I mentioned yesterday are oozing out satisfactorily onto the page and BACCARA is now another few pages nearer completion.

I seem to have a desire to write a lot of poems as well at the moment, a drive that comes along irregularly and often surprises me when the urge strikes. It seems strange that everything is happening all at once at the moment though. Usually I would struggle to compete with it all but it seems to be working. Not that I’m complaining.

I bought a new album off iTunes in the evening. It was another from Swedish band Dungen (pronounced Doonyen) called 4. That’s me got three albums of theirs and I listened to it on low while I worked – they’re a class act. I’m also really enjoying King Creosote just now and seem to be listening to his work more and more.

Calcutta Cup
I stopped work on my novella to watch the Scotland versus England Six Nations rugby match in the afternoon. Scotland had expected to get humped by an English side now strong favourite for the Grand Slam, but in the end, Scotland played a blinder only losing out narrowly at the end. It was a nail biter of a finish to the game and for once the boys did us proud. Just a shame the result was on the wrong side of good.

Sunday Dinner
My Mother-in-Law arrived mid-way through the game and afterwards we all sat down to a nice home-cooked meal. My wife has been bitten by the cooking bug (I’m not going to complain in the slightest) and this week she made carrot & coriander soup followed by steak pie, broccoli and mashed tatties. Profiteroles topped the whole thing off along with some freshly brewed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Now THAT is a Sunday dinner!

This Week
I have a lot on this week. I may be going out for a couple of pints after work tonight with an old pal who is in town, and tomorrow I’ll be at the flix with my sister for one of our now regular jaunts for dinner and a movie when she is in town.

Thursday is the Stiff Little Fingers 20th anniversary St. Patrick’s Day gig at the Glasgow Barrowland – expect a lot of drunken shenanigans there – then on Friday I’m staying in Glasgow for a birthday bevy for one of The Diners. Mikey will be 37 so the guys are meeting up for a session.

Till the morra!


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  1. Inspiration comes in batches. And writing motivates more writing. Good for you!

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