Time Out with Rob Tobin

Time Out with Rob Tobin
Image: Bewitching Book Tours

I’ve got something exciting in today’s blog post folks – the return of my Time Out series where I host guest authors or other bookie people, talk to them, or just take a look at their work. Today I’m pleased to welcome Rob Tobin to Freedom, but before I tell you all about his new book, here’s a run down of the past 24 hours.

Choking the Chicken
Monday night, in between carrying out some sudden research needed for BACCARA BURNING, and burning a chicken I was boiling in order to make some soup (3 hours it was in the pan burning before I remembered I’d put it on; the house still reeks of a razed KFC) – I worked through a few more pages of the novella. I had intended on doing more last night, but one of my mates was in town so we met up for a drink.

Catching Up with Friends
I met my old Madness buddy, Stevie Ward, for lunch in The Doric. We only had time for a couple of quick pints, but it included a lunch that consisted of what was essentially a Scotch Pie that contained haggis, neeps and tatties (a.k.a. haggis, turnip and potatoes). It sounds dodgy, it looked dodgy, but it tasted remarkably good and it was only £2!

After work I met up with Stevie again, this time for a proper catch up and more beer. He’s in town with the American side of his family, showing them the sights and sounds of a dreich Edinburgh. I met him and his wife Nuala in Biddy Mulligan’s before heading to The Last Drop for a few more.

We talked a lot of music as you would expect, but Stevie is also one of my “trusted readers” in bookland. In other words, he gets to read all my work before it gets sent out. He’s a voracious reader and excellent critique partner, and his help is always greatly appreciated.

The Next Few Days
I’m away to Glasgow tomorrow so this is it for me until the weekend. Tomorrow is the annual Stiff Little Fingers gig at the Glasgow Barrowland, the 20th anniversary of such an occasion. It’s always wild, mental and a great punk gig from a great band.

Then on Friday I’ll be touring the city of Glasgow with my friends, reminiscing about old times, going for a meal, and possibly sharing an aperitif or two. Yes, it’s another Diners night out, this time for Mikey P’s birthday.

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Rob TobinIntroducing Rob Tobin
Rob is a husband, father, screenwriter, novelist, non-fiction book author, frequent guest speaker at film festivals and writing conferences, and a graduate of USC’s Master of Professional Writing program and of the University of Victoria’s Creative Writing program. He has a $15 million feature film (Dam 999) in post production, a $40 million feature (Camel Wars) in development with legendary filmmaker John McTiernan (Die Hard, Predator, Hunt for Red October) attached to direct, a novel (God Wars) scheduled to be published in early 2011, and two published non-fiction books. Creative Screenwriting Magazine recently produced two of Rob’s instructional screenwriting DVDs.

Rob is a former VP of Writers Boot Camp, the USA’s largest private screenwriting school. As a story analyst, he read 5,000+ screenplays for Goldwyn, Spelling, Interscope, TriStar, TriMark, HBO, et al. He also helped establish a feature film department for Stephen J. Cannell (The A-Team, Hunter, The Commish).

God Wars: Living with Angels – The Blurb
A young witch with justice in her hands and a chip on her shoulder, seeks revenge on the evil people of the world but in the process opens the gates of hell, meets a demon she can’t resist, an angel she can’t trust and three-foot-tall aliens. Now she must find a way to save the world and her own soul.

God Wars will be available for sale after March 1 at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Omnilit.com.

Here’s the trailer. If you cannot see the video, please click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxFviIx5CAI


God Wars: Living with Angels by Rob TobinGod Wars: Living with Angels – My Review
* No spoilers*

God Wars: Living with Angels by Rob Tobin represents the first dip of my toe in a new genre for me – urban fantasy. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received my review copy, so I dived straight in with my eyes and mind open to anything.

Boy, what a book!

Tobin is a master at building up the action, taking you one way then turning you back on yourself. Quite simply, you never see the twists coming. God Wars: Living with Angels is a fast-paced urban fantasy and it’s the energy packed into this book that makes it worthwhile. You feel like you’re on a fairground ride like one never built yet.

You can tell the author has something to say in this book. In previous interviews he’s hinted at his desire to “mete out instant justice to people who desperately deserve it” and it’s this drive that shines through his protagonist, Diana, a young witch with “justice in her hands and a chip on her shoulder.”

Unfortunately for Diana, in doing so she accidentally stirs up a right concoction of trouble for herself in the form of a demon she can’t defeat, an angel she can’t trust, and three-foot tall aliens.

It occurred to me that God Wars: Living with Angels might be considered a fresh attempt at re-writing Jekyll and Hyde, after all, with strong themes of good versus evil and parallels drawn, it seemed obvious to me while reading that comparisons could be drawn.

Diana is a wonderful character. She has drive, purpose, special abilities but has suffered terribly – she’s flawed, and through this the reader connects. She epitomises what we would all wish to be in the face of tragedy, and despite this being a fantasy book, the elements of humanity run strong within.

Find Out More
You can find out more about Rob and his work from the following websites:



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  1. I’m a big fan of urban fantasy, so that sounds like a book I’d enjoy!

    Stevie tweeted me about your little get-together — I miss The Last Drop (aka my office when I’m in Edinburgh). Wish I could have joined you!

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