The Truth About Binny

The Truth About Binny
Image: Colin Galbraith’s iPhone

It occurred to me last night that some of you may actually think that my youngest sister, Binny, is actually called Binny.

This is not the case.

Her real name is Lindsay, Binny is a nickname of which she has several. Other identifiers she goes by include, but are not exclusive to, Bindy, Binnis, Bindis, Bag, Baggy, Baggers, Binny Bag, Binny Bag of the Baggers Tribe, and when in the most formal of occasions, Binny Bag of the Baggers Tribe Who Once Found a Small Lump of Green Putty Hidden in Her Armpit.

Most of these names derived from the root name, Bindy (I think) because this was the phonetic pronunciation she attempted to make of her own name while still a baby. The rest just followed on after among a family of people intent on giving her as many names as possible.

So when you read of me and Binny and our little adventures, think of her not as some Australian sounding outback personality, or merely as just my wee sister – the third born of the family, but more as a collection of funny names. Binny is, as I like to think, a moving body of living personality, all wrapped up into the the one body but because she has so many facets to her personality, requires several names to be able to describe her adequately.

This Week
I’ve not managed to blog much over the past few days; it’s been rather hectic around these parts. The day job has been intense with several issues requiring attention, and I’ve been working, when I can, on getting BACCARA complete and planning my next projects. There may be some new developments afoot, more of which I shall talk about later. Tomorrow, in fact. I’m quite excited when I say you are more likely to “hear about it” than read it.

The Confident Freelancer
Before I get to that lot, two great writing friends of mine are this weekend running a freelance writing webinar. The Confident Freelancer will happen this Saturday, March 26th, and is being run by Devon Ellington and Lori Widmer.

During the course of the day there is to be seminars to inspire, motivate, and boost your writing productivity, Q&A sessions, networking opportunities, and you can win a free fiction critique from Devon and a free non-fiction critique from Lori simple by registering and turning up. For more information and to register for The Confident Freelancer, visit this website.

My Weekend
The Confident Freelancer webinar is also where my time will be focussed this weekend. I was only too happy to provide any technical support Devon and Lori might need, and as well as taking part in some of the activities (I don’t how these things work so it’s going to be a bit of an adventure), I also have to, simply have to, make good progress with everything else. It’s mid-March and the end of my writing year is only 5 months away. Remove from that my travelling days and anything unforeseen, and you can see how time whittles itself away bit by bit.

Friday Vid
This weeks Friday Vid comes all the way from Austin, Texas, and the SXSW music festival. Scottish legendary DJ and BBC broadcaster of “the best new unsigned, underground and under the radar music in Scotland,” Vic Galloway, and up-coming Scottish musical talent, Withered Hand, got together to film a short skit inside a small church, the venue I think, of several gigs during SXSW. Vic’s now in Honolulu on a well-deserved break after SXSW and filming a BBC documentary to be shown later this year, but I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that his dancing in this following clip leaves only one sound conclusion to be made: he heeds to work on his pirouettes!

If you can’t see this video, please click here:



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3 Responses to The Truth About Binny

  1. Thanks for the mention, Colin! The conference will be fun. You can wander in and out of the sessions all day long, keep asking questions, keep talking to others, etc., etc. It’s very much do-it-when-it’s-convenient, as long as you’re there on that particular day. If 6 AM is good, go early; if 10 PM is better, go then.

  2. Binny says:

    you forgot Binster, Bindistimo, wee Barra and Scab!! 😉

    …and after all that still spelt my name wrong! It’s Lindsay 🙂

    loves ya bro

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