Tweet Meet #2

Tweet Meet #2
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My day kicked off in blistering fashion yesterday, with an hour in a city centre coffee shop reading the paper and enjoying a lovely cappuccino. It’s the perfect way to start the week; stick an oasis in between the depression of having to get up on a Monday morning and getting to the office, and all of a sudden – wham! – you feel great about it being a Monday after all.

It also provides a good chance to reflect on the week ahead, the work planned and to gather your thoughts – a kind of mini-summit if you will. I plan on doing it more often.

Day Job
The day job was superb. I burst through some technical barriers and managed to prevent myself getting bogged down in the trivia of the meaningless drama of others. Rising above banality is something I’ve learned to do slower than I should over time, and when people try to trip you up out of sheer spite, it’s good to know that you don’t always have to rise to the bait, and that there are other ways to skin a cat. All in all, a thoroughly good working day.

Tweet Meet
Last night I met up with freelance photographer, James Christie (@PhotographyJC). James is now the second person I’ve met directly through Twitter, and the second time the meeting has been a success. We went for a beer down at Teuchter’s Landing at the Shore and discussed a great many things from photography, writing, promotion, freelancing, music, art and what it is to be a Leither or living in Leith.

It was a good laugh and the beers  – several of them – went down very well. To give you an idea of who James is, he’s had his work featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Metro, The Guardian Newspaper, BBC Radio Times Magazine, TV Times Magazine, Sunday Times Newspaper, The Sunday Express Magazine, The Sunday Express, The Daily Express Newspapers, The Scotsman Newspaper and Haymarket Business, Take A Break Puzzle Magazine as well as the BBC’s web site, David Bowie’s web site, EdinburghGuide.Com and the National Media Museum in Bradford, England. He also runs Edinburgh Photography Tours where customers are taken around a tour of the historic City of Edinburgh but with photography as the central theme.

In other words, he’s been about a bit.

But beyond all that it’s good to meet up with local creatives with common interests. My main source of connecting with people in Edinburgh is through the book festival or work, so to be able to socialise with those of a similar mind and discuss the trade and the craft from different, yet similar ends of the artistic spectrum, is good for the soul.

Check out James’s stuff here:

That’s all for today – sorry for the lateness of the post.


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2 Responses to Tweet Meet #2

  1. @rupertbu says:

    What is James’ tweedle?

  2. Sounds like lots of fun!

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