My Bucket List

My Bucket List
Image: Don DeBold

Wide Days
Well, Wide Days didn’t quite happen for me last night, or at least the gigs didn’t anyway. It turns out there had been some form of massive cock up at their HQ with regards the evening showcases, and I never made it in to see Withered Hand or Rachel Sermanni. It was very disappointing.

What wasn’t disappointing due to it being on the verge extraordinary customer service, was when Withered Hand himself got in touch with me over Twitter to offer his dismay at the situation. It would appear I wasn’t the only one to be missing out due to the mix up, and he wanted to let me know that he had forwarded the issue to the organisers on my behalf. Cool guy.

So although I missed out, I’m now a bigger fan of Withered Hand than I was before. It probably won’t be long before he and Rachel are playing in Edinburgh anyway, so I’ll make sure I’m there when they do. Fact.

Adam Ant
Good news about the Adam Ant gig on the 23rd May. Such has been the demand for tickets the promoters have moved the gig to a bigger venue. Adam and the Good, the Mad and the Lovely Posse will now perform at the Glasgow Academy and not the ABC. All tickets still valid.

Bucket List
Kristin Pedroja wrote an interesting blog post recently about some of the things she wants to do before she dies.

It’s funny, because I’ve been adding to a list I started recently, too, and have been thinking about the very same thing a lot. So I’ve decided to publish my own Bucket List. Some of these I already knew years ago, others were derived more recently during coffee shop day dreaming sessions, but here’s mine to date:

  • Learn to drive
  • Go to SXSW
  • Watch ‘Jaws’ on a flat-calm at sea
  • Go to Vegas with The Diners
  • Drive Route 66
  • Learn the guitar
  • Learn Italian
  • Do a Kenyan safari
  • Cruise the Arctic
  • Be pished in L.A. while listen to Drinking in L.A.

Some of these I’m already doing. Learning to drive will be under way shortly, and the Vegas trip is going to happen for my 40th in a couple of years. I have a guitar in the house so no excuses there (although at the moment writing takes priority), and I can speak a small of Italian already, having taken lessons a few years ago.

As for the rest? Do-able. And why not – you only live once.

Friday Vid
Today’s Friday Vid is an absolute belter! You’ve seen the advert with Dustin Hoffman exploring the reasons why you should subscribe to Sky Atlantic, well now see the Scottish version. Same guy; different take. If you can’t see this video, click here:


Free Ebooks Giveaway on Twitter
I’m running a special giveaway over on Twitter. The 1000th person to follow me on Twitter will receive all my published ebooks for free, and for everyone that helps get me there (i.e., everyone who follows me between Friday 1st April right up to the 1000 mark) will also be in with a chance of winning the same prize. Click here for full details of the great Twitter Ebook Giveaway.

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2 Responses to My Bucket List

  1. Driving is wonderful. It gives you an emotional sense of independence, as well as the physical one.

  2. Brenda says:

    I hope you get to do everything on your list!

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