Death by Digital

Death by Digital

So, what d’you think of the new blog look? Not bad, eh? I’m very pleased with it. I fancied a new look, something quirkier and different. I particularly like the flash drive as the search bar! You know what they say: a change is as good as… or something like that. Drop me a comment at the bottom – let me know what you think.

To celebrate the build up to International Record Store Day on April 16th, here’s a short essay on digital indie publishing in the record and book worlds.

Death by Digital
In parallel with the current trend in book publishing that is seeing the buying public deviate towards ebooks from the physical paperback (and the main reason in why I am about to experiment with Kindle), the music industry has gone the same way. In fact, it’s gone almost entirely the other way.

In last week’s Popbitch mailout, the following statistic appeared: “Only one single in the top 40 midweek sales is selling more than 2% on CD: The Wanted’s Gold Forever with a whopping 5%! Only three tracks register anything other than 100% digital sales.

It’s a devastating statistic if your career or business depends on the physical sale of records. The public, it would seem, is going digital and thus squeezing the life out of vinyl and the paerback.

And yet, if you have an open mind and can see what’s really going on in both industries, you’ll know that the book isn’t dead and nor is vinyl. The best music in the UK isn’t to be found in the charts where the big corporations want you to buy. No, it’s to be found on the streets; in bars and clubs and venues where music is being created by thousands of talented musicians, and then distributed digitally as well as in physical formats.

The same goes for books. There are thousands of books published outwith mainstream publishing houses that are quality works of art. Literature, if you are prepared to go out and find it, is there to be discovered. The key for publishers and indie authors, therefore, is to go out there and make it easier to be found, to extend to your readership in any way you can. Only the most tenacious will last.

How then, does this relate to my own personal dreams in the world of publishing? Quite simply, it’s exactly what I and many others are already doing: independently publishing art in whatever form, and finding new avenues to reach an audience that is crying out for something different, something new, something non-conformist to the standard model; standard model being either a big music corporation that will lead you to a fast buck and an appearance in the Top 10, or a huge pay deal from a traditional publishing house that will leave you to sink if they get a whiff of their profit margins being hurt.

Independent publishing gives you an experience, an incentive to always strive for something better by starting at grass roots and building your own ladder to the top. It’s about making your own way and a name that lasts with it.  It’s not about finding yourself massively successful overnight – what serious musician or author really wants that? – it’s about creating and learning and growing day by day. It’s about character building, learning from the bottom up and about connecting with your readership or audience.

Support independent artists, espeically writers and musicians. We all like to listen to music and we all like to read something. So on April 16th go to an independent book and record shop and browse. Take your time. Find something you like and buy it. Log onto iTunes or Amazon and checkout some of the bands you’ve heard about but weren’t sure of. They might well be there. Download an album or book – listen and read something that’s NOT mainstream. You may just be surprised in what you find.

New Fiction
Before I arrived at the day job yesterday I visited the same coffee shop where my inspiration had struck late on Friday evening. This time, instead of poetry landing on the page, a new short story arrived with as much force.

This is very pleasing. Writing fresh stories gives me a thrill, and for me it’s where the buzz is. Giving new life to a story, meeting new characters and always with the possibility of surprise lurking around the corner, is really why I write in the first place.

I finished it earlier this morning and it came in at around 1000 words. It’s good and I like the shape of it. I’ll let it sit now and then return to give it a polish soon.

Older Fiction
Last night saw me begin the final revision work on GREENER IS THE GRASS. This is THE final polish of the manuscript before it goes out. Later in the edits I will be inserting a new scene or two in order to support the much healthier ending I worked out (painfully) at the weekend. Then it’s off out on submission; I have my top markets already set out for this one.

Belladrum Tartan Heart
The headline acts for this summer’s Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival were announced yesterday. Surprise surprise, 80s and 90s sensations Texas and Deacon Blue will top the bill again. Whoopy do, is this the best we can do?

Actually, NO it is NOT.

Why do Scottish festival producers rely so much on ageing Scottish acts to try and boost their ticket sales? What’s wrong with giving some of the new musicians a chance, of which, by the way, Scotland is overflowing with at the moment.

What is wrong with:

  • Found
  • Kid Canveral
  • Rachel Sermanni
  • King Creosote
  • The Phantom Band

The list goes on. Not only do they make great music but they also deserve a lot more attention than they are getting.

Withered Hand at SXSW
Another top, yet non-mainstream artist in Scotland, is Dan Willson (a.k.a. Withered Hand). There’s a great write-up and super pictures of his experience at the recent annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas over at Central Station. I wanted to post them here because, well, Dan’s a good guy after the disappointment of last week’s Wide Days gig I missed.

Read Part 1 here
Read Part 2 here

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  1. I LOVE the new design! I think it looks fabulous!

  2. Diane says:

    It looks great, cleaner, tidier.

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