There’s Not a Herd of Wild Horses…

There's Not a Herd of Wild Horses...

The weather couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to do on my walk through Edinburgh yesterday. One minute it was blowing a gale and threatening rain, the next it was calm and cloudy. It even went sunny and warm at times confusing the bejeezus out of everything that lives. That’s Scotland for you: unable to decide on anything.

In the end it made no difference to me. I jumped off the bus at Cameron Toll and took the long stroll back towards town along Minto Street, through Newington and along down Nicholson Street towards the Bridges. It was a good day for it, and by the time I arrived at Spoon Cafe I was gagging for a coffee.

I took a seat by the window and spent an hour-and-a-half drinking lovely coffee and reading the paper. Then it was off again, but this time I was heading west and still deep in the south side of the city. My path this time took me along Lauriston Place towards Tollcross, where I joined Home Street and headed south again towards Bruntsfield Place and my next destination: The Edinburgh Bookshop

The Edinburgh Bookshop
I’d been invited along by the owner, Vanessa, to talk about the possibility of them stocking my books, and for almost an hour we chatted about crime fiction, publishing, children’s books, and of course, my chapbooks. Vanessa, and Cat who also works there, gave me a whole bucket load of awesome tips and advice about agents and publishing, and in particular, illustrating children’s books.

The upshot is, I’m going to bring out a new edition of my kids book with the help of an illustrator, so that during the summer, SILLY POEMS VOL.3 and FRINGE FANTASTIC will both be available for purchase from The Edinburgh Bookshop.

It’s an absolute dream for me to get this opportunity, particularly from a book shop with the reputation that EB has. Everything about the way Vanessa and Cat spoke about books and authors made sense; I connected with them immediately and suddenly felt very much a part of something; something independent and true to the whole meaning of books and what it’s all about.

Busy Summer
As a result of the meeting my workload for the coming summer months has jumped through the roof. I’m going to have to sit down and re-evaluate (quickly) the work I had planned to do, now that my immediate short term priorities have changed. Hopefully I can find a way I can still get through everything.

Thankfully, no work needs done on FRINGE; the gritty “Fringe thing” it has going on seemed to appeal (and always has, which is why it’s still my best seller), but I will have to get down to some serious work on SILLY POEMS VOL.3.

And of course, there’s a tonne of PR and marketing work I need to prepare for the arrival of the books in-store.

New Novella
Work on GREENER IS THE GRASS is now in the final stage. The rest of my day when I got home was spent working on the manuscript: adding the new scene, reading and polishing, and asking the big questions – all ticked off. I’ll print it off at the start of the week, which means by Wednesday I’ll be preparing the pitch and synopsis for it.

It’s all go here at Camp Galbraith. There isn’t a herd of wild horses that can hold me back now!

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  1. I’m so glad it went well!

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