Best Pals

Best Pals

Breakfast Bonding
As you can probably tell from yesterday’s blog post (There’s Not a Heard of Wild Horses… ), my weekend was an absolute belter before Sunday even got under way.

After all the excitement that was Saturday, I spent my Sunday morning out with my daughter. It was time for another Daddy-Daughter Day. Daughter chose the venue: she wanted to go to the coffee shop I go to during the week to see why I like it so much; where we sat and talked and drank hot chocolate, cappuccino, muffins and pastries.

My daughter and I used to say to each other, when she grows up and becomes an adult we’ll probably spend loads of time together and be the best of pals. Yesterday we both realised: we’re already doing it and she’s only 14! My daughter is one of my best pals and we enjoy spending time together, and when you think that some people don’t even like their kids, I guess we’re really lucky to have each other in our lives.

Basking in the Garden
Part two of my mission to get the back garden revitalised and ready for the family to enjoy over the summer, kicked off in the afternoon. The sun was out in force by this time so it was on with the shorts and t-shirt.

Out came all the weeds—front and back—I sprayed the offending bushes crawling over from the mess next door, mowed and fed the lawn, and moved a couple of plants around to give the more of a chance. While all this work was going on my daughter unfolded a beach towel, slapped on the sun tab lotion, and lay on the grass to watch me work and advise me on the bits that also needed attention.

The garden is looking tip-top now and ready to rock. Now all I need to do is somehow get the house finished. Hold yer horses, Colin—there’s a holiday to take first!

I never saw my wife much over the course of the weekend, such is the nature of her business and the fact she was mega-busy with clientele last week. Most of her weekend was taken up editing and with another photo shoot.

This meant my daughter and I spent the evening together, which in turn meant pizza was very much on the agenda. The man from Domino’s is out best pal, and his arrival spelled the end of a fab Sunday.

Have a great Monday!

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2 Responses to Best Pals

  1. So glad you and your daughter have such fun.

    Good for you, getting the garden done!

  2. Brenda says:

    Love the new look!

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