Poems and Planning

Poems and Planning
Image: Natalie Roberts

The strained headache I had all day wasn’t conducive to work but I fought through it. There was much head rubbing and the occasional pill dropped to get there, and in the end I made some good progress on my GDRs, and in particular, making plans for the summer.

Press Releases
I worked on the Press Release for my Kindle ebooks. It’s not the best PR I’ve ever written and I think it’s down to the fact that it’s not career news, but more of a sales pitch. Usually with a PR I can visualise it in my head in advance, can feel the tone I want it to be and have my quotes already to stick in. With this one it feels more like advertising copy, which I suppose it is.

Planning for August
I spent my lunch hour brainstorming the work that I would need to do for FRINGE FANTASTIC and the new SILLY POEMS VOL.3 in more detail. In order to get SILLY POEMS ready for sale and FRINGE ready to launch in time for the Festival, there is much to be done.

My plan is somewhat squeezed due to the existence of an almost 4 week spell in June and July when I am totally out of the game. This summer not only sees my 20th anniversary trip to Blackpool with my bro, but it also includes a much anticipated trip back to the wonderful Greek island of Rhodes.

But it’s ALL do-able, especially when one is as motivated and charged up as I seem to be these days.

Two Years of Poems
Since the beginning of 2009 I’ve been writing poems and sticking them in two folders labelled: “2009” and “2010”. Inside these folders the poems have been picked up from time to time, edited and put back. My 2011 work is still in the notebook.

Due to the recent reorganisation of how I store my creative outputs on the PC while working on them, I spent some time last night actually wading through what I have from a higher perspective. The result was quite interesting.

I have enough for at least one new chapbook relating to life in Leith. There are more poems in there that wouldn’t make the cut, not without significant editing that is, but there is some good stuff with related themes. There’s poems with a humorous theme, musical themes and lots more kids’ poems—handy considering I will need more for SILLY POEMS VOL.3.

It’s therefore possible I could have two chapbook releases out by the end of the year: one on Leith, which I’ve been looking to build towards for a while, and one on London, which is less solid because I don’t know how that will pan out when I get there.

I got a rather interesting note from the people who print and distribute my chapbooks. Off the back of me deciding not to go ahead and publish my chapbooks through Apple’s iBookstore, Lulu have written to me to say they have decided to include FRINGE FANTASTIC in a trial program they are running which will see the book published on the Apple platform.

It’s a freebie, and means they will convert the book, submit it and take care of all the requirements, i.e., all the bits that were too overwhelming for me to do alone.

Marvellous! This will save me time and cut out all the hassle that made me decide not to go with Apple in the first place. FRINGE is also my most popular book, which means it’s perfect for the chosen one.

I’m guessing, too, that once my details are in the iBookstore, I’ll be able to use that leg up to make the rest of them available also. What this space.

Glasgow Bound
I’ll be leaving the day job early today and heading through to Glasgow. Yes, it’s for a gig and yes, I’m going with my wee sister, Binny.

Tonight’s gig is all about my sister; it’s her band. She’s a huge fan of Jay Kay and his pop/hip-hop/jazzy/funky outfit that is Jamiroquai. I saw them perform once before about 10 years ago, and while I think their music is very good, their live performances are outstanding. Some bands transform when they are on stage and their music is breathed new life—Jamiroquai is one of those bands.

It should be a good night. We’re going for dinner and drinks (of course) then I’ll be crashing over in Glasgow before getting the early train back tomorrow. This means there will be no blog until Friday morning, I’m afraid, but I will schedule a surprise for tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing and where it may take you.

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2 Responses to Poems and Planning

  1. The band sounds great. Can’t wait to see your article.

    Regarding the press release — take some time to sit down and write why you’re enthusiastic about each chapbook. Why do YOU love them? What was so inspirational about the material that you HAD to write it?

    Layer that into the ad copy, and add in a quote or two. That’ll spice up the release.

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