After Bin Laden

After Bin Laden
Image: Denise Gould

Dead or Alive
So, Bin Laden’s pan bread. I can’t say I’m not glad to see the back of the Al-Qaeda leader, the biggest threat to the security of the World since Hitler, but I’m a bit wary about the way it all seems to have transpired.

While I don’t think it’s being announced purely as a political stunt and that the bloke will end up being found alive and well, I do think that it has come at a great time for the American President, and why shouldn’t he capitalise on something that Bush could never do?

The people calling for a trial don’t realise that if Bin Laden every did get taken to court, his case would be so complicated and potentially very hard to even prove to the letter of the law, it would very likely go on for years during which time more lives would be put at risk and with no guarantee of any convictions at the end.

Death was really the only option. I’m glad it was the Americans that executed it and I’m happy if it gives the families and friends of the victims some form of closure. They suffered more than anyone at Bin Laden’s hands, so it is only deserved they should be the ones that pulled the trigger. Bin Laden was a terrorist and he deserved to die.

However, if he is to avoid the doubters and the cynics, and if he is to really convince those Arab sections that wish to harm our way of life, a little more evidence is probably going to be needed. A body might have been a good idea perhaps, but unfortunately that was thrown out into the ocean; a death certificate perhaps, but there is no evidence if one actually exists. It’s all a bit too quick and hasty if you ask me, and it’s the sort of thing that could cost Western lives. Proof of his demise is essential.

The Royal Wedding
Yes, I watched it. I went to my Mother-in-Law’s house on Friday morning with Gail, to watch the event on her big screen TV. I sat glued to the screen from around 10am until 3pm taking it all in. I love all that stuff: the traditions, the uniforms, the Britishness, it makes me feel proud to haven been born on this tiny little island with such an ability to punch above its weight, and to be a part of such an incredible on-going and historic institution.

Every few years this country goes through the process of doubting the worth of the Monarchy, and the Republican voice grows stronger as a result. Then a national event comes along involving the Royals and all of a sudden the massive swirl of support that gets generated on the streets proves overwhelmingly that the Royal Family are as popular and required as ever, and that there are more who want to keep them than turn their backs.

In the end, I watched the wedding of our new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge three times over the course of the weekend. Once in full as it was broadcast live, then the highlights late on Saturday evening and again on Sunday on Sky News. A bit overboard perhaps, but I tend to get a bit involved in it all when I start watching it.

Mine is not a popular view in Scotland but to be honest that doesn’t concern me. Once you’ve witnessed the Scots’ Guards marching down The Mall or the Changing of the Guard at the Palace, you start to realise how important it all is, and how, in the end, having a Monarchy that stretches right back into history is as important to the future of British life being as fish and chips at the seaside. If it wasn’t there something vital would be lacking.

Monthly GDR Plan

* Begin work on solidifying good draft of GATECRASH (deadline May 31st)
* Submit to selected fiction/poetry competitions
* Write new short fiction

* Assemble and develop Edinburgh/Leith life & work chapbook
* Write London chapbook on location (11th-15th May)
* Meet with local artist to develop ideas for SP3 release in summer
* Develop and prepare SP3 manuscript (see separate work plan)

* Finalise RR issue 15 for June
* Send interview questions to Rob for June issue interview

* Keep all my websites updated and relevant
* Update website with Signed Books page
* Develop more ideas and for Hidden/Secret page on website
* New gigs lined up for review – Roger Waters, London
* Keep GGP website up to date
* Work on new GGP Boudoir website

* Publish Podcast #1
* Continue to promote the Kindle books
* Start work on HUNTING JACK marketing (see separate work plan)
* Start preparing marketing material for July’s Edinburgh Book Shop launch
* Make contact with Elvis Shakespeare on back of EBS success


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2 Responses to After Bin Laden

  1. Diane says:

    Yes, I think we needed a body too. It just doesn’t seem real and without the body any old madman can turn up claiming to be him, and his followers will rejoice and go on a rampage, etc, etc, etc.

    And I think we need the Royal family too. I’m not a mad fanatic but I am a traditionalist. The Royal family is part of what still makes Britain Great.

  2. Brenda says:

    I really like the new blog look.

    I also watched the wedding at least three times and still have the last 2 hours on my DVR.

    As for Bin Laden, there will always be conspiracy theories. I’m glad he’s gone. While I wholeheartedly disagree with this president’s policies, I was really proud of him when he announced it.

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