Slow Saturday

Slow Saturday
Image: English Passport

My daughter is away for the weekend so I allowed myself the luxury of a lie in yesterday morning. The fact that I had partaken in a pub crawl around the Royal Mile and Grassmarket the evening before had nothing to do with this decision.

I got up at around 10:30am feeling pretty good and happy to see that the torrential rain and thunderstorms that had accompanied myself and Gail all the way home on Friday night, had finally come to an end. We got soaked through to the bone.

I never left the house all day. I spent the first half of the afternoon tidying, cleaning, and then entertaining my wife’s friend who popped round. I sent the two of them out to dinner and thus my plan was complete: I had the house to myself for the rest of the day, and on a Saturday.

The Buddies
St. Mirren let me down, reminding that it doesn’t always pay to turn up the volume on the radio to listen a St. Mirren match it you want to relax. We got beat by another last minute goal, and now our existence in the SPL is threatened with only two games of the season to go. It’s going to be a nail biting finish—again—but for all the wrong reasons.

SP3 Work
I’ve already started receiving sketches and drawings from my illustrator on SP3. They are fabulous. So far I’ve seen outlines for A Dog Today and Coldfish, and a full watercolour sketch for Scone Eating Squirrels. Fabulous stuff—we’re headed in the right direction!

I spent time working on the manuscript. Mainly tweaking the existing poems and working on the new, as I want to improve and polish as much as I possibly can.

PSH Contest
I’m sponsoring the annual Poetry Superhighway Poetry Contest again this year. This year I’m giving away three separate prizes: 2 signed copies of FRINGE FANTASTIC and a feature in a future edition of the Ranfurly Review.

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