No Camping Allowed

No Camping Allowed

New Sub Ready
Out of the desire to get back into the flow of things with something substantial, and out of a nagging feeling that I’d missed something, I read through the full manuscript for GREENER IS THE GRASS last night.

Glad I did, as I found a slight flaw that I’d tried to fix in the penultimate revision but had inserted into the wrong place. I am now more than happy to send the manuscript out for submission. First stop: a recommendation for a potential agent I was guided towards recently. I’ve been told it is right up his street.

Writing Time
Between now and August I’m planning some time off from the day job. It’s coming about as result of unused holidays and a short break that my wife, daughter and mother-in-law are to take. This will give me a couple of full days of writing in June, and five days of solid, undisturbed writing time in the run up to and including the start of the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Mind you, with my annual holiday coming up in July that pretty much removes the best part of three weeks from my schedule, so I’d better get cracking if I’m to meet my goals.

Harold Camping is beginning to get on my wick. So the end of the world has moved a third time because he “miscalculated”? Again?? Could it not just be that he’s a crazy bampot that loves the limelight?

What really annoys me about this is not that some folk actually believe it—that’s their problem—it’s that the world’s media is giving him so much attention. He’s clearly bonkers so why on earth I should keep seeing his face on the telly is beyond me.

People, I hate to break it to you, but he’s old and confused and clearly in need of a friend. If you sell your house on the basis of what this man says then you clearly have issues of your own.

Famous Readers
I bumped into the famous Kat Ryder and her bonnie new baby yesterday. She revealed she’s an avid reader of this blog, especially while she was off on maternity leave. Thanks Kat—always good to hear I can still keep the pregnant ladies of our great nation entertained.

Mouth Update
Still sore and still unable to eat proper solids for the pain in the left side of my jaw. However, the pain is lessening day by day and the use of pain killers has dropped dramatically. I can still taste blood at times and there is still a manky taste in my mouth from the mouthwash I was given—could do with getting my appetite back, too—but at least I am able to enjoy a cappuccino again, albeit sipping through one side of my mouth.

I’ll be glad when everything is healed up and I’m back to normal. My weight has dropped off so I suppose that’s a good thing. I long for a beer and a pizza. Can’t be long now—surely!

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1 Response to No Camping Allowed

  1. Brenda says:

    Yep . . . Camping’s crazy. I’m glad to hear your mouth is getting better.

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