A Scottish Summer

A Scottish Summer
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The weather was somewhat unpredictable yesterday. When the wind blew, it blew hard and cold then calmed as fast as it had picked up. The rain followed the same pattern; sudden downpours, hard and cold, the nothing. In between, the sun came out until later on it all calmed down into a steady wind and a bright evening. Very odd.

My morning was simple. If you remember, I was called out for my day job at 6am and so by the time I arrived up town I had already taken care of some writing. I wanted to try out a new coffee shop for a change but as I was trying to decide where to go, I got caught in one of those sudden and very heavy downpours. The nearest coffee shop became the decision, just around the corner on Castle Street.

Unfortunately I never got any writing down on paper while inside. A small crèche had formed with screaming kids and loud rattling toys, and so I made do with my newspaper and iPhone over my coffee. The noise was excruciating so I stayed less time than I would have normally.

The gigs I was meant to have gone to (although nothing had been promised or arranged) never materialised either. The outdoor gig did go ahead but in the end I chose to go and visit some friends of ours out in Wallyford, who only last week welcomed their second child into the home: baby Sophie.

We spent the afternoon with them catching up and drinking coffee, and I played football out back with their first born, 3-year old Lewis. I even got a wee cuddle of the new baby. By the time we left hunger was very much the issue of the day.

And so, with my daughter out with friends, I moved back into the mentality of being a happy satisfied Scot when I clicked the ORDER button on the Prince Balti House website to order my evening meal for me and my wife. One Lamp Pathia, with Pilau Rice, Nan bread and Pakora duly arrived, the first substantially solid meal I’d eaten in two weeks. It was bliss!

This all happened quite early on in the evening so devoted the rest of my time to more writing, getting stuck back into my new novel. Ah yes, the progress is fine and I am feeling very good about this piece of work. Even better, is the development of the story into Cumbria, and so I may allow myself a little research trip in the next couple of months.

Onwards and upwards; have a spiffing Sunday!

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