Worst Possible Timing

Worst Possible Timing
Image: Steve Lummer

This will have to be a short post today. With my day job manager off on holiday and only a skeleton staff in the team, yesterday seemed like a good day for one of our critical systems to fall over.

Perfect timing. Not.

When I arrived at work yesterday I was quite cheery and looking forward to some late afternoon writing in a coffee shop up town. It never transpired; I never got finished until 23:45 and that was only because the technicians I was dealing with in the States stopped work early for Memorial Day. With it being a Bank Holiday here for some places, well, it was just THE worst possible timing.

So here I am, heading back to the day jobless that 7 hours after I finished yesterday’s stint, and still with no resolution in sight. I suppose it can only get better but I fear it’s going to be a long, long day.

It’s not being able to write that gets to me. I had planned on doing work on a lot of things, and with it being the month end there’s a lot I wanted to get through. All that had to go to one side though, in order to get what needed to be done – the price of being the grade I am with the salary that affords.

Best get back to it. When it’s over, you’ll hear me shout.

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1 Response to Worst Possible Timing

  1. It always happens that way, doesn’t it?

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