June Workload: The Penultimate Plan

June Workload: The Penultimate Plan
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I slept in yesterday. Working my full week’s work in the first three days of the week, then being unable to catch up with lost sleep from the first few days, finally took its toll. I woke up at 7:40 and leapt into action. Thankfully Fridays are “casual dress” day at the day job, so I threw on a t-shirt and jeans and called a cab.

Late or not, my first stop was the office canteen. One large black coffee and a black pudding with fried egg roll was duly delivered. It was heart stoppingly delicious. On the back of my fish supper the night before, I’m sure I could feel my heart palpitate as it struggled  to squeeze and pulse for the rest of the morning.

I took the night off writing after I met my sister once the day job was over and we went to see a film. The Hangover 2: very funny and well worth seeing if you’re into low grade laughs with an adult edge to them. The film reminded me of so many of our Diners trips it was uncanny.

But I digress.

When I got home it was still very light and warm so I took the unusual step of mowing the (badly needing it) lawn and taking care of the driveway weeds. Believe it or not, dedicating the rest of my evening to those two tasks is going to save me a bundle of time from my weekend’s writing schedule.

Goals, Dreams and Resolutions
Time now, for my June GDR work plan, my last main monthly work plan before the summer really kicks in and the penultimate before the end of my writing year.

June has to see me close off the last of my outstanding projects, which in reality means completing the rest of my manuscripts and having everything out maximising their potential.

This is an important month for me. At the end of it I leave for my 20th anniversary trip to Blackpool, then shortly after that I leave for Greece for a two week holiday. When I return, I’ll have only two weeks to tie everything else up before the year finishes and the Edinburgh Book Festival starts.

Exciting times lie ahead. Meantime, here’s my June wrap-up.

Monthly GDR Plan

* Complete draft of GATECRASH
* Submit and recycle fiction
* Write new short fiction

* Complete 1st draft of Edinburgh/Leith life & work chapbook
* Complete 1st draft of London chapbook
* Continue work with artist on SP3 illustrations
* Complete SP3 manuscript (see separate work plan)

* Publish RR 15 for June
* Send interview questions to Rob for September issue interview

* Keep all my websites updated and relevant
* Update website with Signed Books page
* Develop more ideas and for Hidden/Secret page on website (if time)
* New gigs lined up for review (No new gigs lined up as of 1st)
* Keep GGP website up to date
* Work on new GGP Boudoir website

* Start preparing marketing material for July’s Edinburgh Book Shop launch
* Continue to promote the Kindle books
* Make contact with Elvis Shakespeare on back of EBS success – not done; priority upped.
* Publish Podcast #1

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