Such a Busy Life

Such a Busy Life

I took my daughter out for a lazy brunch on Sunday. We spent a couple of hours up in town chatting and talking about, amongst other things, both our hopes for the future. We did all of this over a couple of toasted Paninis, chocolate munchies, and two very large cups of cappuccino and hot chocolate.

Writing Progress
Between Sunday and Monday, I’ve made some great progress on my active projects. The new novel is moving at a cracking pace (I’m over 26k) and work on the London chapbook is thickening in the pot nicely. I’m very happy with the way everything is gong at the moment.

The novel, I’ve decided, will be split into three parts. It doesn’t affect the chronology but I noticed last night that the section I ended at, and where it’s about to go to, can be split into separate chunks of the story with exciting cliff hangers. Overall, that will be three separate bricks that can be placed together to form the full story, yet when separate will add to the suspense. It’s quite cool, or it will be if it works.

West End Shenanigans
I made the fatal error of calling my wee sister yesterday, the day after she had attended Glasgow’s West End Festival. Not only was she in the middle of a meeting when her mobile phone rang out to the tune of “We’ll Be Together Again” by Erasure, but she also had a stinking hangover from said festival. Naughty girl, but it perked up my day for sure.

Assumption of Right
My good pal, Devon Ellington, had her new book released yesterday—congratulations! The new novel has been published under her pseudonym, Annabel Aidan, and I highly recommend that you all rush out and order a copy of Assumption of Right—I have, and can’t wait for my copy to arrive—because it sounds like a cracking read. I’m expecting Annabel to visit Freedom from the Mundane very soon (though I haven’t actually got a date sorted yet – but I will) so in the meantime, you can order your copy of Assumption of Right here.

I have lots and lots of things to get through today: more work on the London chapbook, churn out more on the new novel, and I also need to start turning my mind to some of the marketing material I am going to need over the summer, particularly for August.

Such a busy time—such a busy life!—but I wouldn’t want it any other way to be honest.

Until tomorrow, ciao!

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1 Response to Such a Busy Life

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and I look forward to an appearance on your blog.

    Congrats on the new novel!

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