Writing Like a Mad Man

Writing Like a Mad Man
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I’ve been writing and working pretty mad these last few days, so no blogging made it onto my agenda. Mostly, my time has been consumed with the day job and then writing my new novel in the evening. It’s kind of taken over everything and it occurred to me that had this been November, I would be well on the way to achieving a NaNoWriMo win.

My eyes have felt strained at the computer screen so I squeeze in some therapeutic reading (Assumption of Right by Annabel Aidan, a few Simon van Booy short stories, and some new poetry chapbooks I ordered from Nasty Little Press). On top of that, it’s been a week of coffee shop madness in the early mornings as I’ve eased myself into each hectic day with some poetry of my own.

I lost yesterday as a writing after I sacrificed a day off in order to help out with something at the day job. I won’t lose the day’s holiday, but it meant my plans shifted at the last moment. I still have three days off now (Monday is a holiday for me) before I go back so plenty of time to get through more work. LOTS more work!

I was pretty tired after I got in last night, so with the house to myself I ordered a pizza and watched a film before doing anything. I watched Annie Hall with a Hot and Spicy, and I’m glad I did – to both.

The Leith Festival kicked off yesterday and the Gala Day will be on later today at Leith Links. I’ll pop down at some point to have a scout around and no doubt tweet some pictures, but it’ll be a different taste to it this year with Gail not promoting her business in one of the tents.

It’ll also be different in that both my father-in-law and one of Gail’s pals who also lost her father, won’t be there. Leith Gala Day won’t be the same without seeing either of them at it.

Since I missed yesterday’s post, here’s my Friday Vid a day late. It’s the Flight of the Bumblebee on 101 bottles…(if you can’t see the vid, click here)


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