Productive, Productive

Productive, Productive

Another very productive day yesterday and much of that, it has to be said, was down to the weather. If it hadn’t rained and been so cold all day then I would have spent more time at the Leith Gala Day. But that was a washout and so I found I had more time to work than expected. It didn’t go to waste.

I headed into town early and enjoyed a coffee in the city centre with the paper (as I will be doing very soon today, also). The coffee shop was very busy due to the inclement weather and made for some very interesting eavesdropping results. It’s amazing what you over here when you are “sipping coffee and staring at a newspaper”.

On the way for the bus back to Leith, I just about keeled over when the 21-gun salute kicked off from Edinburgh Castle in the name of the Queen’s Official Birthday. Loud? Princes Street hit the deck when the first one blasted out at 12 noon. We’re used to a single blast at one o’clock, but 21 at 12? Phew!

Leith Gala
I took a wander through a very wet Leith Links on the way home. It was drookit; sad looking stallholders staring out from their stands at a half-empty field of people wearing kagouls and trying to keep their brollies upright. By mid-afternoon I heard the place had all but emptied. Such a shame after the work that went into it but the festival is on all week so plenty of time to make it an overall success.

I spent a short while boosting the promotion of my Kindle books. Sales are doing very well since I joined the platform. I checked out my sales statistics and was delighted to see how many have sold of each, but amazed to see that it is SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2 that is outstripping everything else.

I think some of this may be due to the front cover. I’ve never liked the POOLSIDE POETRY one but FRINGE FANTASTIC has become kind of iconic now, confirmed to me by the Edinburgh Bookshop, so I’m extremely reluctant to change that one.

Fiction Submissions
I recycled some short fiction that had come back. Remember my story DAFFODILS? It was one of the first I ever wrote and is the most submitted piece I have in my catalogue. It was on the verge of publication with NFG before it folded so I know it’s good, but it was included in the yesterday’s submissions. I simply will get this story published, somehow, somewhere.

Can’t seem to find a suitable publisher for GREENER IS THE GRASS, though. All the small presses I know of are either closed to submissions or only accepting through agents now. Aargh! If you know of anyone into crime/thriller novellas please drop me a line.

Ranfurly Review
The Ranfurly Review was polished up and the website prepared for the launch of issue 15 tomorrow. It has a balance leaning more towards short fiction this month and has some very fine contributions from all over the world. You’ll be able to download issue 15 for free later today.

Roger Waters Review
I finally finished up with my Roger Waters gig review. It took a while because it’s more substantial than one of my normal gig reviews. It’s quite long and I wanted to get the balance and the emotion of it just right. I think I have, and it’s up now over at the Man in the East.

To today now, and I have work to do. Enjoy your Sunday.

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