Summer Issue of the Ranfurly Review Launched

Summer Issue of the Ranfurly Review Launched

I started my Sunday off, as ever, with a nice coffee and read of the paper in Costa Coffee in town overlooking Edinburgh Castle. I finally fond the perfect seat that allows for the best 3G reception, as it’s not a venue that is entirely great for that. It makes up for it in other ways, though.

The weather was beautifully sunny, in total contrast to what we experienced the day before. If only the Gala days were held on Sundays I think we might faire better with the weather.

The rest of my day was work, work work. Here’s what I got up to:

Ranfurly Review
I published the latest issue of the Ranfurly Review. Issue 15 is a short and flash fiction sided issue and the front cover really is quite special this month. Check it out – it’s free do download from here:

Facebook for Stella
Also on the internet, I published some new galleries for my wife’s new clients and launched a Facebook page for my book, Stella. Have a peek at Stella on Facebook

New Chapbooks
Work on my new Edinburgh chapbook is coming on very well now. I assembled and selected 31 poems that will make up the first draft, now comes the work of editing it down and starting to think of the design of it.

SILLY POEMS VOL.3 is now very close to completion. Or at least the manuscript is. All the poems have now been polished up, and with only a couple of poems requiring some editing it’s all but there. I sent the new-look manuscript to my artist and now I await the illustrations.

Trees for Life
I got myself involved in the Trees for Life project being run by Trevor Jones. He was looking for some words to go with an exhibition being planned for November so I was only to happy to help. I’ve already had some exciting ideas and I’ll work further on this this morning.

Spoken Word
There was a call for MP3 submission to be sent to the Poetry Superhighway blog Talk Radio show. I listen to the call-in poetry show occasionally so I had thought it was a call for replacement to the calls, and with that in mind I selected three poems, recorded them and sent them off. It turned out they weren’t for that and the call for subs had been lacking in information so it didn’t get played, but it did give me an idea on a new way to publish my poetry… stay tuned.

Busy day, eh? More today – no day job!

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  1. Glad you’ve got the day off and can concentrate on your writing!

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