Phew! First Draft of New Crime Novel Written

Phew! First Draft of New Crime Novel Written

I think I mentioned it before, but if you missed it, clock over to the Trees for Life exhibition website and check out my Haiku. While there, why not also check out some of the fantastic paintings that have been donated. November’s exhibition is going to be quite something and I salute Trevor Jones for all the work he is doing.

I accidentally slept in yesterday morning, not seeing daylight until 9:45am. Quarter to ten, people! I felt like I’d slept for three days once I’d showered. Too much energy can be a bad thing though because I started to think at 100mph about my novel and what needed to be done on it. There was smoke coming from my notebook, I tell you—smoke!

I took my smoking notebook out for the morning when went for a coffee but didn’t end up writing anything. It was raining and I wanted it to cool down my notebook before it caught fire. Instead, I read the paper and took in the atmosphere of a *very* busy coffee shop. No inspiration though, only thoughts about my novel.

Back home and after lunch I got stuck into my weekly chores then carried out some work on the Ranfurly Review, installing a brand spanking new submission manager. This should remove any of the problems suffered through lost emails and slow turnarounds, by keeping everything central and making it all much smoother. Check out the Ranfurly Review online submission manager here.

The rest of my afternoon and evening was spent—with my new crime novel still spinning in my head—working on GATECRASH: the closing scenes. The book raced towards the end, probably too fast if the truth be told, but it’s all down on paper and that’s what counts.

I’d normally put it aside now for a few weeks but there are a couple of glaring plot holes that really need to fixed if I’m to sleep at night, then I’ll let it lie until after the book festival.

Still on a major buzz from the high level of output I seemed to have achieved this past couple of months, I did something totally impetuous and unplanned: I retrieved BACCARA BARNING and picked it up from where it hit its brick wall a couple of months a go.

No point in wasting the momentum, eh?

Day Out
Today is Father’s Day, so as well as wishing my own father a happy day (he has already opened the music I sent him), I’m away out for a day with my daughter.

Peace out!

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2 Responses to Phew! First Draft of New Crime Novel Written

  1. Rob says:

    Congrats on getting that first draft down, Colin. And keep that notebook smoking!!

  2. Congrats on the draft!

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