Paranormal Novella Back on the Agenda

Paranormal Novella Back on the Agenda
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Father’s Day
I had a great day out with my daughter yesterday. I’d been called out during the night for work and although it only took me half an hour to resolve, I struggled to get back to sleep afterwards. Result: bit more tired in the morning than I would have liked, so we took our time getting ready and headed off for lunch at about 11am.

We could have gone anywhere for food but my daughter likes to go where I spend my mornings writing: Costa Coffee, at one of the seats by the window so she can see the castle and enjoy the warmth from the sun.

We loaded ourselves up with toasted Paninis, muffins and a large hot chocolate and cappuccino, and then headed off for a wee walk through the town. Our gander took us down Princes Street, past the Galleries, up over the Mound and down some of the Royal Mile before we crossed back over the bridge towards the Omni Centre and the Vue Cinema.

We stocked up on some Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and took our place in screen 5 for Kung Fu Panda 2. It was all very jolly especially when I did my embarrassing dad routine by talking too loudly (it just seemed like it because everyone else was whispering) by repeatedly asking “what time does the big fat panda come on?”

What? It’s my job! 🙂

Trees for Life
I mentioned it yesterday, but you really should check out the haiku poetry I wrote for the Trees for Life exhibition. It’s for charity, so have a scout at some of the fabulous art while you’re there.

Baccara Burning
Can you believe my paranormal novella, the sequel to STELLA, is back on the agenda? When I looked through my GDR plan for the year, I saw that the non-completion of the second draft re-write of BACCARA BURNING would be a major failure if I left it as it was. I’m on such a brilliant roll at the moment—high output, decent quality of first drafting, and creatively I’m shooting flames—so why not use that energy and see if I can burst through the wall that stopped me earlier in the year?

So how did it go? Fabulous so far, but then I’m not at the point where the wall is yet. But there definitely seems to be something more positive about the process.

Have a good one—peace out!

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  1. Good work — ride that momentum.

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