The Red Arrows Hit Leith

Publishing Success in the Dublin Quarterly

In my final pre-day job coffee writing session of the week, I planned out the new ending to BACCARA BURNING. This was where all my decisions had to be made (or at least feel right) in order to get through to the end in a truthful, natural and more exciting way.

An ending does exist but it’s not right; not only does it not work but it’s very shoddy, a direct result of all the problems I had previously with this. Now it works—now it can be completed.

The last couple of nights have been family oriented, with my wife’s uncle over on Thursday evening for dinner and drinks, and my nephew staying overnight for the first time last night. Quite the full house: hectic but a lot of fun.

Red Arrows
I managed to get some time to work last night before the wee man arrived though, and as I was sitting in my office working out where to begin, I heard some roaring noises coming from outside the window. Every now and then we get RAF fighters flying around on test flights because we’re not that far from RAF Leuchars (not if you can travel over 500mph at several hundred feet we’re not).

Anyway, I looked out the window and it wasn’t any ordinary fighter jet making the noise, it was the Red Arrows flying in formation with red, white and blue smoke trailing from them. There was a show going on down at Ocean Terminal in Leith, but for us locals it provided us with some excellent Friday evening entertainment.

Short Story
You’ll be able to read my new short story, REGRETS, in the Dublin Quarterly now and for the next couple of months. Don’t delay, it’s “a cracking read” according to Stevie Ward.

I’m approaching my weekend as a full entity not as two days. I sense that I may be able to get this draft of BACCARA complete before the Sunday night, and do a lot to move towards being able to tie up my GDR plan before my summer holidays.

First though: Fopp, coffee, newspaper and work on the London chapbook.

Until tomorrow—peace out!

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  1. Good stuff! Have a great weekend.

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