Baccara Burning Now Fully Drafted

Baccara Burning Now Fully Drafted
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Baccara Burning
Missed my blog post yesterday but I have a very good reason: I ended up working long into the night on Monday and came away with a completed second draft of BACCARA BURNING.

I beat the wall!

It’s all come together in the end and marks the closure of a very tough draft of a very tough book. I am much happier with the ending and much happier with and the way the book develops into a much more satisfying developed plot. The ending may cause a bit of a stir but it’s they way it went, and when you read it you’ll see why this book was so tough to get out.

I’m further delighted that BACCARA was completed in time before my summer holiday and before the book festival. It means I can come back from the beach with just the promotional gear to prepare for August and then I’’ll be all set.

Writing Year
It has been a hugely satisfying end to my writing year. Not only have I managed to fully re-draft to a much better standard, a novella that was giving me a lot of pain, but in the last three months I’ve also written a full length crime novel! My GDR looks extremely healthy and I approach the close of my working year with a massive smile and a spring in my step. There’s been publications and projects to work on, and to be honest, it’s been a blast.

This seems like a good year to publish my penultimate GDR Monthly Review of my 2010/11 Writing Year.

Monthly GDR Review

* Submit GREENER IS THE GRASS – still looking; can’t find a publisher!
* Complete draft of GATECRASH – done
* Submit and recycle fiction – done
* Write new short fiction – 1 s/s & 1 flash drafted onto PC
* 2nd draft re-write of BACCARA BURNING – done

* Complete 1st draft of Edinburgh/Leith life & work chapbook – done; 31 poems assembled; ready for editing and design
* Complete 1st draft of London chapbook – still IP
* Continue work with artist on SP3 illustrations – drawings still coming in; work in progress
* Complete SP3 manuscript (see separate work plan) – complete; revised ms sent to artist

* Publish RR 15 on June 12th – done
* Work through outstanding RR submissions – done; implemented new online submission system
* Send interview questions to Rob for September issue interview – not done but met up with him for coffee!

* Keep all my websites updated and relevant – New Stella page on FB; Trees for Life added; news updated
* Update website with Signed Books page – scrapped; built into existing pages.
* Develop more ideas and for Hidden/Secret page on website (if time) – not done
* New gigs lined up for review (No new gigs lined up as of 1st) – no gigs until September
* Keep GGP website up to date – done; several new galleries
* Work on new GGP Boudoir website – not started

* Start preparing marketing material for Edinburgh Book Shop launch – not done
* Continue to promote the Kindle books – done; SP2 outstripping the rest in sales
* Make contact with Elvis Shakespeare on back of EBS success – not done
* Publish Podcast #1 – still not done. Thinking of launching this at book fest with series of mini-podcasts

Things That Turned Up
* Asked to contribute to the Trees for Life Charity Exhibition – wrote haiku, since published.
* Submitted recording of poetry to the PSH Blog Talk Radio show – not used

Submissions Activity Summary
PAINT Sent to Curbside Splendor
DAFFODILS Sent to Neon Magazine
REGRETS Sent to EBF Story Shop
AMANDA AND JOE Sent to Word Gumbo
THE ENGLISH TEACHER Sent to The Legendary
BUZZ Sent to Streetcake
BRIEFS Sent to Hobart Pulp
SHALLOW Sent to Everyday Fiction
A POINT OF VIEW Sent to Gemini Magazine

It has been the best run up to the end of my writing year I could ever have hoped for:
Completed the essential 2nd draft of BACCARA BURNING and wrote GATECRASH, a new crime novel, from scratch.
REGRETS published in summer issue of Dublin Quarterly; highest profile short fiction sale to date.
Asking to submit work for the Trees for Life Charity Exhibition was an honour and also very enjoyable.
Submitted application to the Edinburgh City of Literature Story Shop programme at book festival.
Got all but one of the EBF tickets I wanted – August is now set in stone.

Absolutely ZILCH!

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4 Responses to Baccara Burning Now Fully Drafted

  1. Diane says:

    Are you off work now for a few weeks, did I see somewhere? That’s great if you are, especially when you’re still on such a roll. I bet you get tons done. The GDR looks great.

    • 3 weeks off! 🙂

      Got a few days free before 2 weeks in Rhodes, which I’m using for research and relaxation. Still be writing, though mostly poetry or short fiction now.

  2. Good stuff. Are you going to submit it before you go?

  3. I’ve trying to find a suitable publisher but every one I’ve narrowed in on is either closed to subs for the moment, or have changed their requirements so now require an agent. 😦

    Still working on it though!

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