Nice Day for Another Royal Wedding

Nice Day for Another Royal Wedding
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The weather since I got back from Greece has been superb in Scotland. It’s been sunny and warm most days, which is as much of a surprise as it is welcome. Looking out my window to Leith as I type this blog post, I see it looks to be more of the same—bravo!

I finished up a lot of the marketing work I started on Thursday, If you click over to my EdBookFest page you will see a lot of what’s been going on.

I finished up and posted my summer newsletter, The Patter, for publication on Monday. It’s another biggy but has lots of juicy information in it. Doing these every three months instead of monthly is proving to be a better way of viewing the work I have on and have accomplished.

Free Ebook
I’m happy to say that SELEKTION is now back up on the website as a free download. It was taken down for the annual Poetry Superhighway Giveaway but you can now get hold of it as a PDF by clicking here. It contains the best of all my currently published chapbooks.

As it’s a beautiful day I won’t be spending much of it inside—or at least as little as possible. There’s a royal wedding taking place later at the Canongate and I’m going to pop along and try to take some pictures. Maybe I’ll get to see HM The Queen and the HRH Duke of Rothesay, but as nobody actually knows when the wedding is taking place, I might not have the stamina to wait around for hours on end.

Later, I have dinner at my Mother in Law’s house and then afterwards, there’s a bottle of Greek wine with my name on it.

Ciao for now!

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